Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Is Matchmaking Biblical?

Hi Aunty Amara, am an avid follower of your Facebook page. Please what is your take on people who are being matchmade?
Is it actually right and biblical? Does it work?? Cos right now am at a cross road on this issue. Thanks and God bless you and your family for your good works.

In all our daily endeavours in life, God has million ways of bringing individuals and personalities closer to us and matchmaking is one of those million ways. However what becomes of the relationship is solely your responsibility for yourself because for the fact that someone recommended someone to you doesn't in any way suggest or mean that you must be married to such an individual even if the is a pastor or your parents.
So do not let sentimental opinions push you into making a terrible decision that may consume your life. For some individuals matchmaking worked for them while for some, it was a disaster but in all, you are responsible for what you make of the individual who you met with.


  1. Yes it's biblical as long as the person meets God's standard. Remember Abraham servant found a wife Isaac and some other instances mentioned in the bible

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