Monday, February 29, 2016

I've Decided to Run Away!

Dear aunt Amara, please I have an issue, I have a father who I practically beg to love me and a mum who doesn't understand me at all, am a broken child always hoping for a miracle to happen.....
Now am undergoing clearance in school but still he thinks I didn't go to school at all, so he plans on my mum following me to go and see that he is right, am tired of living this way, so I have decided to run away from home, I don't know where to go but I need you to advice me.

Even though your father may not love you as much as you desire and your mother doesn't trust in your personality, running away from home may not be what you need to be happy and fulfilled in your personality.
When those who you felt ought to love you is far away from you and they're unable to love you, then you can reach out to one who made them and crave for his love which is always available for you.
Do not run out from your shelter but run to God who understands how you feel and can fill the void that is empty in your life. Humble yourself before your parents and allow your mother to conduct her investigations, do not utter any word or defend yourself for anything but allow time and God to reveal to them who you are and what God has in store for you.
Let your heart desire be to live a life different from what they perceive you to be and in all your endeavours always draw close to God and allow him to guide your footsteps so that you don't fall into the traps that may crush your vision and your future.
This phase of your life must surely be history someday so do not run away but be encouraged in your heart to hold unto God's promises and purpose for your life and someday you shall have a testimony to share to God's glory.

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