Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Should I Accept His Proposal?

Hi ma, please I need your advice. There is this guy I have been dating and I came to realise that he had a son with another woman whom was been rejected by him and his family members due to some witchcraft behaviours being displayed by the woman. Though I don't know her in person, and this guy never wanted to discuss with me anything related to her but I have been hearing from his people.
This guy is a dedicated Christian, he works in the ministry, he love me so much, he wanted everyone to know about our relationship including his pastors in the ministry and he is proposing to marry me but am scared because I don't know what the mother of his child is capable of. This same woman initiated my friend's niece in her secret cult and the girl is exposing everything happening in their spirit world. She rejected the child she gave birth to, I don't know why.
Please ma, I don't know what to do. Should I accept his proposal? Advice me please cos I love him too!

She was good for sex but when a child was involved, she became a witch and a diabolic woman that his prayers and fasting couldn't deliver so he chose to reject her and then propose marriage to you.
Definitely having a love child is not enough reason to marry a lady but I am worried about how he treated this lady and why he decided not to let you know about his son and his past relationship before proposing to you.
Just like you, I do not know what the other lady has in mind but if you are genuinely in love with him and you are emotionally, spiritually and psychologically prepared to grow in love with him and manage any circumstances that life and marriage may bring to you, then you need not be worried about her.
Good thing is that he has decided to let go of his ex and stick with you but you should know that you must accept his son as your son and take good care of him just as you would take care of yours. You also need to discuss with your partner so that you can know the depth of his past relationship and the attitude of his ex girlfriend so that you can be better equipped and prepared to support him should there be any challenges or disturbances from her much later in your marriage.
Entrust everything to God in prayers, and ask God to reveal some things that you may not see with your eyes and help you not to make a decision that may regret much later in life.

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