Tuesday, March 1, 2016

She Threatens to Go Away!

God bless you ma. I have been married for five years. My wife often makes me feel like I am not good for her simply because am yet to get a good job. (I am a newspaper vendor for now).
I am a graduate still believing God for job. Some times she threatens me that she will go away. Am tired of the humiliation after all am not the worst. I feel she is not a good wife.
I fear if good job doesn't come quick she may go.

Every legitimate job that provides food, shelter and clothing for you and your family no matter how small your salary or stipend maybe should be appreciated by anyone who cares about your happiness and peace of mind. 
For your wife to be threatening to go away when she ought to be appreciating your efforts and sacrifices irrespective of the state of the economy and your pocket means is an evidence that she doesn't understand what it takes to be a wife and a companion to her husband. 
Please let her know that it is extremely painful and disheartening for her to be comparing you with anyone else or put you under any tension or threat for any purpose or reason best known to her. 
What she owe you is her prayers, encouraging words and support. She can bring suggestions on how you can improve on yourself but not to mention that she will go away because you are not earning a six digits salary and riding the most expensive cars in the world. 
Let her humble herself and focus on what she can do to encourage you, support you and improve the quality of life in your family. 
Let her synergize with you and help you maximise your potentials and not to bring you down with her negative criticism. 
I don't want to say that she's not a good wife but maybe she's yet to understand her roles and responsibilities in her marriage and hence her insecurities and concerns about your income but please let her read this so that she won't continue to ridicule your efforts while you trust God to perfect all that concerns you and your family. 

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