Tuesday, March 1, 2016

He Abuses Me!

My name is S, I'm 23 years old. I'm dating a guy of 33 years. We have been dating since I was 21. We visit each other always, last year throughout my leave I was with him... He stays in Lagos while I stay in the north. Our relationship have been going well, he's an authoritative person, we laugh when he wants it, smile when he wants it, when he's sad I don't have to be happy. He's quite aggressive and abusive, he uses foul language like Fuck You FUCK OFF, I don't know if it wrong or right?..
Second week of last month he hardly picked his calls and called only when he's out of the house, I sent a text message saying I don't trust him anymore.. Since then he's been angry about that. How can I not trust him?
Without his knowledge I booked a flight, got to his house, opened the door, he was with another lady, she had to runaway from the house, but he's been punishing me for saying I don't trust him....
He abuses me and never even apologised for his wrong actions, I left his house on Sunday, he brought in same girl again, I was told by a friend who lives close. I called him pretending not to know he was saying all love stuffs, he misses me and loves me, when I asked why the girl was there, he said do I have a problem with that...
He feels no remorse at all....I know men are polygamous but this is not fair..I would like to know your opinion to this issue.

So tell me, what exactly do you love about this man and why do you feel that he's the best for you? 
Why do you wish to punish yourself in the hands of a man who sees cheating as peeing and himself as your lord and owner of your life? Why have you forgotten so soon all that your dad did to protect, provide and put a lovely smile on your face? 
He sleeps around, controls and manipulates you, decides what to do with your life and the ridiculous one is that you also allow him to punish you and you are asking for my opinion? 
I feel for you really because I don't even know what to tell you that God himself hasn't revealed to you in a broad day light, and why you should torment yourself in such a manner when you can trust God for your own husband instead of this inhumane torture that you called relationship.
My opinion is that that man has no iota of respect and love for you, perhaps all he's there to gain is sex and your money. I feel that you shouldn't wait until you have lost your sanity before you help yourself and liberate yourself from this mess.
Well the decision is yours to make but be warned that men who are authoritative most times will reduce you to a slave and put you in bondage of your own frustrations.

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