Saturday, February 27, 2016

My Family Insist that Shouldn't Marry Him!

Aunty Amara. It's the first time am writing,am 26 years lady, I introduced my friend to my close friend to my fiance, trusted her so much that I allowed them to hangout once when I was out of down unknown to me they saw themselves more than the once I thought.
Just few days after my introduction with my fiance, my friend voiced out claiming she was raped by him about six months ago during one of their outing. When I confronted my fiance he said it was never rape, that they both were under the influence of alcohol and that my friend seduced him.
This issue has gotten to my family and they are insisting I mustn't marry him again. Am so confused, though I love my fiancé so much but am really hurting. What do I do?

Your fiancĂ© had sex with your friend "under the influence of alcohol" after he was lead by the "seductive spirit" of your friend and he didn't see the need to tell you what the devil did using him and your friend. 
He didn't see the need to be honest and accountable to you but waited for your friend to tell you before he clarified that it was a rape under the influence of alcohol and seductive spirit.
I must be sincere with you, in as much as you love him, one thing you cannot take away from him is the fact that he doesn't see anything wrong with having sex with other ladies as long as they're under the influence of an alcohol (wondering if it was the alcohol that pushed them to agree for a date). 
While your parents may suggest and advice you on what's best for you, they won't force you to accept their suggestions. I mean not after introduction and the trust that both of you have invested in the relationship. 
The decision is yours to take but I hope that he has repented but I'm afraid that this trend may continue for a while even if you finally get married to him. 

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