Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Husband is a Cultist!

I have been married for eleven years with a boy and am pregnant. I have been verbally abused for ten years and for the last one year he has started being violent.
He stopped giving me food money for about six months but I still cooked with my money and gave him food everyday which he either ate or threw away. Also I found out my husband was in cult and wanted to use me and my son for sacrifice.
I have moved out of the house and I have no intention of going back. People come to me to reconcile me with my husband but I told them am not interested.
His family knows he's a cult member but they don't want to talk. His mum is a very wicked witch,am tired. I don't tell people all these but I think I should start telling people.
Also I want to ask for my child's custody for he's six years. Please advice me. There's still more but let me stop here for now.
Please I need your advice. Thank you. God bless you.

Your words are heavy and on my own part, I can only imagine what you have endured to be with them for eleven years.
If you have the evidence of all you said, then you have the legal right to take the custody of your son and stay away from your matrimonial home while you reconsider whether you still wish to be married to him or consider separating from him entirely.
At any point in your marriage, if your life and the life of your child is under threat, you need nobody to tell you to leave the environment and protect yourself.
I won't encourage you to expose everything to everyone who cares to listen, these are part of the complexities of humanity, all you need now is to organise yourself, get a job to cater for your needs and your child and to prepare yourself for your delivery.
Entrust everything in the hands of God and allow him to fight your battle for you.

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  1. Your husband is a cultist,yet you remained married to him for 11yrs.
    What are you not telling us.
    Do you mean you just found out or what.


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