Sunday, February 21, 2016

My Parents are Choking our Relationship!

Good evening aunty Amara,I want to say a big thank you for all God has being using you to do in lives of many. I just need your candid advise.
By God's grace am engaged and I have done my introduction. My issue is that my parents will not allow me enjoy my courtship because for now me and my fiancé are believing God for a contract where we can get money for wedding proper. My parents will not allow me visit him and spend time with him, I can't spend a whole five hours with him not to talk of a day.
Both of us are really not happy about the whole issue of control because if he he's going to the left, am going to the right, I can't tell when things are not okay and we don't really believe in telling ourselves important issues on phone and this is tearing the relationship apart, because my parents want this marriage like now and is not forthcoming as planned. They are now making life unbearable for us.
I have decided to move in with my elder sister who is married and have free hand over my relationship because am tried of the control and tried of shedding tears. I just want to know your mind on the idea of moving in with my sister. Thanks.

It's unhealthy for your parents to choke your relationship because they want to protect you from perhaps making a mistake in your relationship but they might be doing that because they wouldn't want you to get pregnant before wedding your husband.
Granted that he has done introduction, it doesn't necessarily "guarantee" (please note the quotation mark) that he will settle down with you. But that doesn't mean that your parents should treat you as though you don't know what you deserve or how to guard yourself.
If you feel that leaving your parent's house for your sister will strengthen your relationship, I will suggest that you consider that option while you work with him to achieve your vision for the relationship. I will encourage you and your partner while you wait for the contract offer to start with other jobs that will provide some income for you and your needs and patiently prepare for the traditional wedding.
So that when he has done the traditional rites, both of you can bid your parents goodbye and begin your journey as husband and wife.
Please do not depend solely on the income of your partner but think of ways to raise more money to support him and also meet your needs without depending on anyone and pray that God will provide all you need to meet your needs and support one another in your journey.


  1. Nne introduction is not marriage ooo, if he hasnot paid ur bride price and has not fulfilled the requirements on the list, he doesn't own u, ur parents do, u are under their authority. Men de even use intro decieve women sef

  2. Above all my act wise and don't allow him to use you. Follow Amy advice ok.


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