Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sex: The Healing Power

Okay, I want to stir up some good things in your marriage which you have buried as a result of religion and culture. Let me start with the issue of sex in marriage. It’s sad how we have allowed religion to destroy homes that should be heavens on earth. A church deaconess, after reading an article on my blog, sent a message asking for permission to print copies for her church group. According to her, they see her as being too worldly and wayward because she goes against their teaching which tells women not to wear any sexy lingerie for their husband and not to engage in certain forms of sex.

I agree and I strongly advise women against anal sex because any man who does that to you is either ignorant or he hates your health. Anal sex will destroy your pelvic muscles and cause them to lose their elasticity even before you age. It also helps in the spread of STDs. But when a preacher goes on YouTube to tell you that a woman shouldn’t be on top of her man during sex and you swallow it just like that, I come to the conclusion that you are one of their many religious slaves. Even God who gave you sex and the vagina didn’t tell you what position to adopt during sex. As long as you don’t go through your anus that is a passage for waste and you do nothing to harm your body, please enjoy your marital bed. Wear that sexy lingerie for your husband. Seduce him with your hair, breasts, and butts; you are his and he is yours. This is one of the reasons why you must keep clean.

Your marriage is in trouble, there is no relationship between you and your spouse, the only bond you have are the children. And you call that marriage? You don't enjoy good sex and intimacy. You keep running to the pastor for prayer and keep hearing "it is well". Prayer is great, I can't live happily without talking to my Father in heaven. But like my Bible tells me, faith without works is dead. Just like people who destroy their health and even while believing God for healing, eat everything the doctor tells them to avoid. Also, a woman being abused and battered daily and she is being told ‘it is well’ and waiting for God to deliver her. God cannot come down from heaven to deliver you from domestic violence because He has graciously given hands and feet for you to run.
You must first find out the root of your problem. A good number of marital problems are as a result of no good sex in the home. I can authoritatively tell you this because of my years of experience as a relationship counselor. God wasn't stupid when He gave us sex and sexual organs. Stop listening to that old-wives-tale about sex being solely for procreation. Wrong advice! Sex is for bonding and intimacy. There is so much power in sex. Sex heals marriages, my sweethearts. Sex releases stress and tension. Sex sometimes settles scores among couples. It is powerful! You just have to take advantage of that gift of nature to your home.

You can pray all you want, fast all you want, carry as much 'it is well' as you can; without good sex (lovemaking) and intimacy, there is no bonding in your marriage. The sex I am talking about here is not that climbing and banging you do because you feel you have the six inches penis. I am talking about lovemaking, the kind that brings genuine intimacy and bonding; it comes when enough time is spent on foreplay. Thinking of foreplay? It starts from the time you wake up in the morning. You don’t create hell during the day and expect heaven at night. Whatever you get at dusk is what you gave at dawn.

 Even if you are married to a Mountain of Fire preacher, he likes sex. Don't get deceived by his constant fasting and prayer and crusades, he wants sex. Women no longer want to read and talk orgasm, they want to experience it. Sir, step up the game.
Sex heals marriages. Enjoy your marriage today because that is God's will for you.

I bless God for the few preachers who have come to appreciate this truth and now invite experts to speak on "these rotten things" in "the Holy place".


  1. My dear,i want to invite u,what does it take.

  2. My dear,i want to invite u,what does it take.


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