Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Should I Deny Him Sex?

I am 23 years and I met my husband through his sister, who brought him to my residence and that was last year April and we did traditional marriage on the 14th December last year. Though I gave up my virginity to him after our official family introduction before the traditional rite but by His grace our Church wedding would be by this July.
The problem is that he doesn't call often or chat with me as a husband because we are not close to each other cos I am in school in South South and he is in the West. Though his Ex is still coming whenever I am not around and he often talks about her to me that she is his very good platonic friend and nothing deeper. I don't know if its right to deny him sex till after the Church wedding, so that I will know my stand in the marriage cos I am a very soft woman though I want to value me for who I am.
What do you have to say,please?

Once a man has paid your dowry, you lose the right to your body, he can have sex with you as he pleases so denying him sex maybe selfishness on your own part.
Though you may have genuine reasons to feel worried but you should have sorted this out before bringing him to your parents and getting married to him.
Well all you need to do now is sit him down and talk things through with him. It is absolutely wrong for his "platonic" girlfriend to come visiting when you are not around and whatever platonic discussion they have should be limited and he should respect your emotions and privacy too.
Depending on his nature of work or business, there is need for mutual communication so that you can have a mental picture of how his days are like.
You may need to be more patient, tolerant and humble so that you can understand his personality and be able to relate with him and meet his needs.
Be positive and commit your marriage to God in prayers. Pray for the grace, wisdom, understanding and the patience to bond spiritually, emotionally, and sexually with your husband and prosper in all your endeavours.
Please do accept my heartfelt congratulations on your marriage and I wish you God's grace.


  1. He has paid your bride price, fulfiled before God and man his obligation for marriage as required by culture amd tradition. He is your husband. Do not deny him his conjugal right - sex. The church ceremony is not more important than what has already been done. Discuss with him as his wife whatever you want to but never deny him sex! You should long for him and enjoy it with him

  2. The virgin bride should subtly find out from her husband whether her inexperience in bed is what is distancing him away from her


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