Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Happening in my Relationship?

I appreciate your good work and may God bless you.
I have been seeing this guy for six months now, am 26 while he is 35.. Everything seemed cool until January of this year. We have gone out and visited each other's homes, but all of a sudden, he stopped calling and when I call him, he seems excited, but then he is very short with me.
He plans trips and cancels them but will not let me know. And when I ask him if we should cut off the communication, he says no. But he doesn't act like he wants to be bothered. I don't know what happened, and I still like him, but it just bothers me to know that something could be on his mind that he is not sharing with me or maybe he has found a woman and want to keep me in his back pocket..
Please ma, what is really happening with my relationship???

What's happening in your relationship is simply an attention shift to something or someone else. There's either something or someone distracting him in the relationship. I'm even careful to use distracting because you could be the distraction that he's trying to avoid. 
In all, simply give him enough space and time to figure out this pattern of attitude which he's displaying. But if you cannot be patient with him, then it's advisable for you to schedule a date with him so that both of you can discuss and sort out exactly what the relationship is all about and where it's heading to. 
You cannot force yourself to be loved by a man who may be with another lady and six months is enough to decide whether the relationship is heading somewhere or it has already crashed immediately you slept with him(that's if you did).

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