Friday, February 12, 2016

She Doesn't Take Drugs!

Aunty good afternoon, please I have a problem that I want to share with you. I have a girl in my life from school, we were from the same department and same set, though I senior her with about three years and a half.
The problem now is that she is always falling sick and doesn't like taking medication. Each time I talk to her about that she says I am raising my voice against her and this is a girl I love so much that I want to spend the rest of my life with, but the way things are now, I am having double mind.
I loved her to the extent that I didn't notice that she was very slim and was not busty as any man would like but I am beginning to notice all that.
Recently I just noticed that I am attracted to girls that are curvy and busty. I am just confused though as I haven't gotten anything doing yet after my youth service but I have the intention of marrying her but I have the above mentioned problems.
She will be 28 this May and I will be 32 in October. I need your advice please.

You sounded like a baby boy who doesn't know what he wants and at the same time a selfish individual who is looking for an avenue to dump his partner after many years of being with her and possibly sleeping with her. 
Forgive me for my honesty, if you knew that you loved girls who have big breast for your breakfast and big buttocks for your dinner, you should have gone for them instead of using that "my girl refuses taking drugs" as an excuse to dump her. 
Not everyone likes medicine and it doesn't mean that they still don't take it, all she needed was your support and encouragement, petting and helping her to take her medications by giving her some meal that will not make her experience the bitterness of drugs. 
What then attracted you to her and why do you feel that her skinny body won't impress your heart or are you looking for a partner who doesn't fall sick? 
Well now that you have noticed that her breasts won't be sufficient for your satisfaction and her body is skinny, I won't encourage you to get married to her because you will end up embarrassing yourself and making mockery of her personality whenever you are outside the house. 
Go for what you cherish and desire but be reminded that it's only an expanded fat. While it's pleasing to the eyes of some men, I will also encourage you not to forget the qualities of the lady that you wish to get married to because while her curvy body will keep you looking forward to your bed, her attitude and personality will determine whether you will lie on the same bed with her or you will be sleeping on the roof of your house. 
But then again what's the plans that you've got for yourself? I feel that you need to organise yourself and plan ahead. Start up something, a business, or a skill or a vocational courses so that while you hope for a better job, you can earn a living from your skills. 
While you search for a curvy babe, please do not fail to seek the face of God for direction and wisdom to avoid making a terrible decision that will cost you of everything in life. 


Designed by Tunde Sanusi (Tuham)