Friday, February 12, 2016

I'm Not Okay with His Height!

Good afternoon ma,please accept my sympathy on the death of your father,please I need you to advice me on this issue. There is this guy am am dating for six months now we are of the same peer group,I even give him a space of three months and we are of same height average but am not okay with his height because of in terms of reproduction,and am still a virgin and him also according to him,so the issue now is that from what I have seen so far his financial capacity can not carry the responsibilities of a family and he wants to rush me so that another person doesn't take over me,because he always nagged when I take a certain calls,so for that he invited me on a date and started saying he wants to know if I have made up my mind to settle with him, "I said no" that I haven't concluded in me to settle down with him that am still studying him.
So he was like am not even on the same line with him , and told him is not so,please ma I need your advice and that of your fans because am so much concerned about his height and he's financial capacity so as not to suffer us in future because we are just 25 and he's desperate and me too being double minded, please your advice thanks.

So tell me, how and how do you intend to help this young man? What do you really love about him and what are his personality and vision like?
Height just like your was given to him by God as a result of the characteristics of his parent's genetics which he had no role in.
He loves you and he desires not to be your boyfriend alone but your husband. Granted that his financial capacity may not be so impressive but if you genuinely love him and is interested in him, you would seek for avenues to support him, assist him, encourage him, motivate him and pray for him to succeed in his endeavours.
While I won't suggest that you marry a man who you are not proud of his height but you should know that there is a great difference between the height of a man and his vision. One is what you see while the other grows in his heart throughout his existence. You should be more concerned about where he's heading to in life and what he's currently doing to achieve that goal in spite of the unpalatable circumstances of life.
Instead of focusing on his height, I would encourage you to look beyond that and focus on his character and personality because these two will determine how happy or comfortable or fulfilled or great that you will be in life. It would also determine your spiritual life and your emotional stability with him.
Is he faithful, honest, committed, selfless and focused on the things that matters most? Does have the humility of heart to support, care and bring out the best in you? These and many more I suggest should be more of your concern that his age or his height.
However if you feel that you cannot love him or you are not comfortable with him or you are not attracted to him, kindly let him know so that you don't keep delaying him by saying that you want to study his personality.
In all, it would be wise not to make assumptions before meeting an individual irrespective of their height because God in his wisdom has created us unique in our own personality irrespective of our heights, colours and sizes.

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  1. Dear poster,it is attitude and prospects you wash in a man,how he cares about you even with the little earns would tell you the kind of husband he would make in the future.But don't marry out of pity as advised by aunty Amara.My wife is a bit taller than me and that has never affected our marriage in anyway;even before our marriage,we courted for a good 8yrs because our friendship started from our university days.I didn't have much per say when we got married but God blessings has been awesome.So my dear,you are in the best position to analyze critically what you want in a man of your choice because the final decision is yours.I wish you the best.


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