Saturday, February 13, 2016

Should I Express my Feelings to His Boss?

Good morning aunty Amara, please kindly advice me on what to do. Am a single mum, 29 years of age and a teacher. There is this guy in my school who works with an NGO whom I have falling for without his knowlegde and wished to go out with him but unfortunately am not the type who can go forward.
He is very hardworking, friendly, humble, God fearing and very respectful. Am friends with him and his boss and wanted to express my feelings to his boss to see if he could help out but am so confused and scared of the outcome.
Please aunty is it worth it? How do I handle the way I feel about this guy?

Please do not express your feelings for this man to his boss, that would be revealing the part of your personality that should be known to you or to the man in the picture.
You are already friends with him and there's no harm having a date with him if he's comfortable with the idea and finding out what more about his personality.
Instead of exploding with your emotions, take a step and find out more about his personality, and depending on his freedom and how he communicated with you, you can discuss about his work, family, relationship and job offers. Be open to anything and be willing to accept whatever outcome this may bring to you.
The worst that would happen is that he's either in a relationship or he's not interested in having a relationship with you. But if you truly admire him, feel free to share your thoughts with him and then let him decide what to do with that.
But please do not choke him with your emotions or make yourself vulnerable to him by allowing him to exploit your emotions. It takes great discipline and maturity to venture into this adventure to avoid any disappointment or embarrassment.

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