Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Should I Give up on the Relationship?

Good day ma'am, I really need your help as it is now am confused about my life, I can't even tell the direction it's headed....
Am a student of one of the polytechnics though I had to quit after my OND due to my carelessness. My mates graduated last year from HND, I had wanted to continue but due to the financial state of my family I couldn't. I have already given up the hope but I will sometime finish up from were I stopped.
The problem now is that I have this girl whom I love so much she schools abroad she is 25 years while I will 26 years by April this year. She will rounding up by 2018 and I wish to spend the rest of my life with her but from the look of things am thinking of giving up on the relationship cos I might not be ready(financially) by the time she is done with school though she gave me her word that she is not in a hurry to get married that she is going to wait for me any time am ready I should come and take her. Ma please advice me on what to do.

Life doesn't favour those who thread blames when they can take responsibility for their life and decisions nor does fortunes favour those who sit on their comfort zone and wish that heaven will land on their bedroom and romance them while they're asleep with their excuses for not achieving anything. 
I'm more worried that you are yet to figure out what you want your life to count for. Granted that things were difficult for you in the past, what steps have you taken to empower yourself and achieve your vision for your life? What business or skills have you acquired that can fetch some income for your daily needs and your future investment in life? 
What do you hope to achieve between now and the end of the year and before 2018? 
Sincerely I am not against you being in love with your partner nor will I encourage you to quit the relationship because of your financial circumstances but it is a misplaced priority for you to be getting worried about a lady who is already working on the path of self discovery while you are yet to leave your room. 
I feel that you need to organise yourself and decide to make a move, an attempt, a decision, a sacrifice and something different from wishing and hoping that manner will fall into your mouth. Bring up a proposal for your business and seek for support, if you wish to go back to school, pick up a form and get admission first,if you wish to go into skill acquisition, consider going for what you are passionate about so that before she would have graduated from the school, you would have made some progress in your financial challenge and in yourself in general. 
Wake up and start up something now, let your partner know that you don't only love her but you have a vision to provide, and support her in your own little way. No lady who genuinely loves you will take you serious if you don't make any efforts to develop yourself and rediscover yourself.
And your family will be happier when you plan yourself today and set your priorities to the things that you must accomplish before getting married to the lady you love. 

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