Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Should I Consider Her Mum's Suggestion?

Good day ma, thanks for the good work you are doing and your mature wise counsel in saving many cracked relationships. God will bless you immensely. Please ma, advise me on this issue, because am in kind of confused now. My ex girlfriend whom I supposed to marry left me and got married last year after all my pleas to her to exercise patience, because I was having financial challanges then. She refused and got married last year April. I was very close to her family then, I was surprised just last two months, the mum called me from America and was telling me that she was not part of her daughter's decision to leave me and get married to another man, and that I should forgive her.
Last month, the younger sister of my ex girlfriend came to my house with a gift and said that, the mum sent that gift for me. To cut the story short, the mum called me two weeks ago asking me if I wouldn't mind to date and marry the younger daughter, that they can't afford not to have me as their in law , that am too good to their family. Since then, her daughter has been sending me messages and her sexy pictures in my WhatsApp. Though, she is beautiful but is it right after dating with the elder sister that disappointed me, and I will go ahead to date and marry the younger sister(The same mother)? Matured advice needed from you ma and the house.

In as much as the family maybe in love with your personality, it's not advisable for you to marry the younger sister because of the love you had for her elder sister and you maybe disappointed if you don't see those qualities that attracted you to your ex girlfriend in her sister.
Instead of settling for a recommendation from her mother, I would suggest that you seek for the lady that your heart desire and you cherish her personality. Her mother may have all the good intentions but to position her daughter to marry you is a bit not the best way to appreciate all you have done for them.
But then again if you are convinced that her younger sister represents the wife that you are seeking for and you are deeply in love with her. If you have taken your time to discuss with her and have established a stable friendship with her and you can convincingly say that she's the kind of lady that your heart craves for, then you may consider her not necessarily because of the opinion of her mother but because of your needs as a man and your success in life.
The shortcomings of settling for the sister especially if you are not in love with her is that you will end up comparing her with her sister and you may end up torturing her emotionally for what her sister did to you.
While she's excitedly sharing her pictures and making advances towards you, please do not go for a lady you have no idea what her content is all about, do not because your ex disappointed you rush into a lady with a gorgeous breast and curvaceous hips because it doesn't in any way guarantee that you will enjoy your marriage with her.
It would be wiser for you to maintain a healthy relationship with the family than for you to get married to a lady that would make you feel that you settled for a second best instead of your heart desire.


  1. Kindly let that family go dude, if you want her sister, u should be the one making advances not her, and I can't imagine a girl going after her sister's ex, more drama to come after u have settled down with her

  2. They want you for your money any one with a brain can see that

  3. It's Bata u let go of the family as regards to intimacy,but u can be friends,as it lies more damage than Good.

  4. Am really suprise at wat some mothers are capable of,hit the road dear and run as fast as u can coz such arrangement is trouble in disguise,moreover hw will u react when u get to meet the elder sister whom am sure ur still inlove with?coz she"ll then be ur sister inlaw,and the younger sister is irresponsible and immature


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