Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Should We be Scared of Our Parent's Opinion?

Hello ma, this is my first time of consulting you. There's this girl I love. She's a year older than me. She has admitted that she loves me equally. We were basically platonic friends. However we thought we should take things to the next stage. We are however discouraged by the fact that our parents may object to that based on the age difference.
My dad would not readily buy the idea of dating a gal who's older than me even by a year and I told her this plainly. So we decided to let the friendship remain at the platonic level while we pray and let God have his way.
I'm 22(just graduated) and she's 23. I have to build up my life first but it wouldn't hurt to start saying hello to girls though (laughs).
So that's the situation ma and I just want to know your opinion on this. Are we right to be scared of our parents? Is the age issue an issue at all? Are we right to remain platonic and pray?(that one should be a yes!Lol) I await your response.

Assuming that everything is possible as long as you believe in them and you are convinced about them, will age really be an issue for you and with you? If you have found the qualities of the kind of lady that you need to succeed in life, will her age be a great concern for you? Has her age directly or indirectly affected your platonic friendship and has her age made her disrespect you or treat you in a manner that suggests that you may have one struggle or another should you consider her for marriage. 
When it comes to your marriage, your choice of partner is solely dependent on your personal conviction and the understanding of what you need and what you desire in the lady that you wish to spend the rest of your life with. This has nothing to do with your parent's perception of her age, body shape, and intellectual capacity of her personality. 
The first thing to consider is your spiritual compatibility between you and whoever you wish to share your heart and thoughts with. Does she have a personal relationship with God, do you share the same spiritual values and vision in life? Does she have the spiritual maturity to seek the face of God concerning any decision she takes in life or is she the one that contract prayers from one pastors to the other prophet. 
The next thing has to do with her attitude, vision, passion and personality. Are you comfortable with who she is or are you looking for another person in her? Does she have the values and the skills that you crave for in your partner? Will she support you or compliment your efforts in your life and in your endeavours? Will she help you succeed and will she stand by you even when the circumstances may not be favourable for you and your family? 
The decision to either consider her age is yours and not that of your parents or friends. 
If you have sought the face of God, and your spirit is at peace with your decision, you won't have any difficulties convincing your parents of your decision and because marriage is divine, if you make God part of your decision, everyone will have no option but to support you and your partner. 
So as you set off on this sacred journey of searching for your life partner, take your time to seek the face of God, focus your heart on what you need and not on irrelevant things especially if you are not worried about them. Beauty is for the eyes but the virtues of a lady will make you a fulfilled man so while you are attracted by her beauty, consider her virtues first. 
If it's possible for you and convenient with you, please do not let sex become part of your platonic friendship so that you will not be lose focus on what you need to prosper in life and focus on what your body needs. With time you will understand the difference, while you consider the opinions of your parents, I will encourage you to focus more on what you need so that you don't end up with your parent's choice instead of the help meet that God has made for you.

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