Monday, February 15, 2016

Should I Keep my Distance?

Good afternoon ma, happy sunday and happy vals. Eerrrrrrm I have an issue, I really don't know if its an issue anyway. I am a 23 years old graduate.
For some reasons, I became close to my project supervisor who is a pastor. Somehow I opened up to him about myself. I became very free. I even told him when his colleagues were disturbing me and he always told me to avoid them, told him how it felt I was the only virgin standing and how everyone around were putting pressure on me and he always advised me . I only opened up because I thought he was different, or maybe he really is, as he is a disciplinarian and doesn't take nonsense .
We were talking one day and he said that I turned him on with my statement. He said we shouldn't go into a journey we would regret later, that we shouldn't tempt God etc. I apologised, because actually what I said wasn't supposed to have any effect on him, or so I thought. Then another day, I had already forgotten what had happened and was trying to be careful. He told me he woke up thinking of me. I jokingly said he should think of his wife and he flared up saying am trying to tell him he is cheating on his wife.
Another day, he told me he woke up erect and thought of me and I looked for a way to change d topic. He kept telling me he wanted my undivided attention and devotion and am just scared if it's what am thinking. I have no intentions of being his lover as I love and fear God and respect his wife. He didn't stay specifically that he wants sex from me but his actions are getting me worried. Should I continue talking to him or should I keep my distance? Pls help a worried sister.

Please do not only keep a distance from him but also stay a state or country apart from him.
In all sincerity he's already cheating on his wife and you indirectly contributed to it by telling him the status of your vagina. I want to believe that the anatomy of your vagina wasn't your project topic so I have no idea why you felt that as your project supervisor and a pastor, he ought to know about it. This is why he's awake thinking of you and how he wishes to lunch into your vagina and receive the crown of victory.
You must be mindful of what you share with a man. The state of your vagina is meant solely for your partner and not your pastor.
Help him to stand by running away from him and have no discussion or business with him because someday he might use you to preach a sermon on how God delivered him from a seductive spirit in you.
You sure don't want to start your journey that way or to be perceived in a negative light.
Men of God have penis and hormones flowing through their veins so help them to stand by relating with them as your pastor and not your boyfriend.


  1. One of the reasons why I don't trust all these glorified pastors, imagine what is coming out of the mouth of a so-called pastor who is even married, I pity all these women that go to pastors for counseling, it is better you go to a renowned psychologist for counseling than a pastor, I know this case wasn't a case of counseling, but it is nullifying to open up to a pastor about such things...And you poster, a pastor is about to lure you to bed and take away your virginity you're still asking us if you should keep your distance, you said you're a graduate, but I think you need to add common sense to your degree. #enoughsaid

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  3. U brought. This to ursself, must u tell everyone u are a virgin,i hopw u fare rape,just finish ur project and go home before u get rape and all ur pride becomes disgraced

  4. I think u shld distance yourself from him and also always go for ur project discuss with ur course mate to avoid being rape. The man is under demonic inference.

  5. I think u shld distance yourself from him and also always go for ur project discuss with ur course mate to avoid being rape. The man is under demonic inference.


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