Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Should I Move in After Dowry Payment?

Aunty Ammy,Good am, am your fan and this is my first time of writing here. Keep up the good work and may you remain blessed.
Please there is a guy that loves me, have accepted his proposal and he will be coming by ending of this month for introduction. He said his plan was to pay the dowry by Easter and then do the traditional and white wedding by December by his grace.
Aunty, my question now is, is it proper for me to move in with him after dowry payment? Cos he is saying I stay with him after the dowry so it can enable us plan for the traditional and white wedding together.
Please I need your opinion on this. Thanks.

Dowry is the most significant part of getting married to a lady and it is the only acceptable gift that will allow your family to bless your marriage and that also makes you a full fledged wife of a man.
Every other thing or ceremony is only to let the world know that he's the one we shall hold accountable when you are pregnant and the likes lol.
So if he wishes to take you home, you have no option, if he wishes to have sex then, he's absolutely free to make love to his wife.
Now if for all the good reasons you feel that he should give you some time, the only option for you to consider is that you agree with him and work on the dates for the ceremony that is instead of fixing dowry payment in March and then wedding in December, you may reschedule the date for the dowry for December or any other day that is convenient for him and you so that you can do everything that day and enjoy your honeymoon that night.
But once your dowry has been paid, have it at the back of your mind that you are a married lady.

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