Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Should My Parents Know His Income?

Aunty Amara, good day ma. Please is it right for a bride-to-be to tell her parents and family the exact financial strength of her husband-to-be? Because it seems once a man declares his intention to marry a lady, all her family expects him to begin to shoulder all their responsibilities, especially if they feel he's well to do.
The man in question is actually working in a private firm and not really earning much, but he happens to package himself very well and live a decent life even with the little he has. Now, there are big expectations from the bride's family.
Should that be? Should the family decide to fold arms and watch the young man struggle to do all the ceremonies without assistance even when they can? Should the bride expose exactly how much the guy earns? I feel it might diminish the respect the family has for him.
Note: The man is not really complaining, but the wife-to-be only, understands the pressure he's going through. Should she stand up for him and yet expose his nakedness?
Thanks ma, for your response in advance.

What a man earns should be known solely to the partner who he wishes to get married to and not her relatives or her friends When it comes to traditional wedding, both the bride's family and the groom's family have a great role to play in supporting their children's decision to be married and build their home and as such there are some level of commitment and service that each family must contribute for the success of the ceremony. or even her parents. 
It is wisdom for the bride to be to shield her husband from unnecessary financial stress in traditional wedding because, marriage begins when the guest have gone home and you are left with you and your husband. 
Some families are making getting married very very difficult especially as a result of greed and selfishness that has destroyed the very foundation of marriage. 
To start with, for the fact that a man is getting married to a particular family doesn't in any way mean that he has to take the responsibility for everything in the family just so that he can be a good in law to the family. 
And for the fact that a man is asking for a lady's hands in marriage doesn't also suggest that the bride's family doesn't have a role to play in strengthening the young couple and making sure that the wedding was successful with little or moderate expenditure. 
A lady who has the interest of her partner at heart will not expose him to the world whether for the show of riches or show of shame because the meat that you eat cannot be sold to another tomorrow. 
It is the duty of the bride to be to endeavour that the basic things that ought to be done were done but not to tell her family that her partner's earnings per month. So please stand up for him, and do not for any reason expose what your partner earns to anyone except yourself and yourself. 
If your family asks how much he earns, let them know that he's responsible enough to take care of your needs and his needs and that you're okay with him. 
If there are anything or areas you can scrap off to save cost, kindly do that so that he can have enough to cater for what both of you need in the nearest future especially now that the economy is not stable. 

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