Sunday, February 7, 2016

Tried All Tribes but None Worked Out!

Hello big sis may God bless you as you create happiness into people's lives hmmmmMmmm, dear I don't know where to start from, have been into so many relationships but none is favouring me at all. They all pretend to be good guys but at the middle they will show their true colours, have tried all tribes but none is working out or will I say that am yet to find my soul mate?
Presently am dating one guy, I love him so much but I don't know his mind or thought towards me. Each time I ask, he usually tell me that he sees himself as a disaster that he doesn't have a heart to love,he will even tell me to forget about him and move on but each time he sees me talking to a male friend, he will grow jealous within him instantly to the extent of maltreating me and sending me abusive words hurting me.
Each day that passes he doesn't care about my feelings but I care about him. The only time he's good to me is when he needs something from me, once he gets that thing he will change automatically. Please am confused help me.

When a child doesn't have an idea of what his home looks like, he would feel at home anywhere he finds himself. Your mail sounds like a lady who have no idea what she deserves in life, in a man and in a relationship. 
You sound like a generous lady who allows men to sleep with you to their satisfaction before realising that they were never serious about whatever they claimed to share with you. 
You see, there's nothing like a free lunch in life because someone somewhere is footing the bills and painfully you are the one who bears the pains. There's absolutely nothing wrong with the men in Nigeria and beyond but if you do not sit down, set your priorities right, invite God to guide your heart and decide to close up your laps, you may end up with men whose intentions are in sex and nothing serious with you. 
To get this right, you must decide to put your emotions in check and invest your time in building a healthy friendship with men. Some men can leverage on your desperation to get married and get you laid before you could remember that you were deceived. 
I mean, you shouldn't have anything with a man who sees himself as a disaster and gave you the freedom to choose from discovering yourself and wasting your time with him. You have to officially disengage yourself from him so that you can organise yourself and prepare yourself for your marriage. 
You must invest quality time in developing yourself and equipping yourself with the virtues that you need to be an asset to a man in all areas of his endeavours. 
Above all else you must decide to allow God to work with you and guide your footsteps to avoid making a terrible choice of partner and end up with a man who has no value to add to your life and destiny. 
You don't need all men but you need a man who appreciates you so much that getting married to you is his first priority and not getting laid with you. 


  1. good day ma,i sincerely appreciate your good works here,i pray for God's blessings and favour upon you and your entire family at large. please ma i need your advice and opinion on this.I'm a guy of 26,a 4th year medical girlfriend is 23.I am currently in a strong relationship with this lady,whom i truly love nd care for.I have promised her to support and contribute to the success of her education in my own little ways.we are happy with each other.She is such an amazing lady,and i call her my Glory,Justica rose,canatity of love,lantana of light,marigold,commelina angel and gloriosa queen.She is faithful and trutworthy.The relationship is an open one,all her family members know me and my intention of get married to her once i finish my education.some of my family members also know about her but has not seen her,and thats more reason i am writing to you right now.I do visit them atleast twice or thrice weekly.But she has never visited me,except on sunday, 7/02/16,becaus i was sick,she came with her younger sister after mass..All these things get me makes me feel and think otherwise.I'm in a relationship and my partner has never visited me.It appears as if she is not serious with me.whenever i tell her about visiting me,she gives me thousands of reasons.While building up this relationship,we both agreed to make it a sex-free one,and i promised her to stand on that.I wonder why she doesn't want to visit times i feel bad about this.and the worst part is that,when i keep on bringing this issue,we end up quarelling,and whenever we are not in a good term,i find it very difficult to read,eat,sleep or even be myself.Whenever my exam or medical practical comes up,i avoid having issues with her because if i do,i will not have good performance,cos i will never concentrate.I have always been among the best 10 each time we write exams,but if we are not in a good term,ma,the result will be bad.please ma,what should i do? Do i continue in this relationship,where my lover has refused to visit me or what? I have no other woman in my life,but her.what should i do? How do i make her come around? Atleast i will have some good moment with her,play,gist and talk about ourselves and things about us that we might not discuss at her place.plz ma,i don't know what to do? Or should i advice her to visit me at times without her mother's notice? Because she complains of her mother not allowing her to come.That it was even her mummy that asked her younger sister to follow her the time she came.Ma,please help me out! It makes me cry,i need this girl ma please! Thanks.

  2. Direct Ur Post 2 the appropriate quarters Mr Daniel


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