Sunday, February 7, 2016

I Have Never Enjoyed Sex with Him!

Good day Mrs Amara... I am in dire need of your help and that of the house at large cos I don't really know what to do again.
I got married to my husband last year after a very short dating period(not up to six month) due to all the good attributes he has,he has every good things a right thinking lady could ever wished for in a guy. We both love each other soo much but the problem I have with him is that I have never enjoyed sex with him.
He has never for once gone more than one round with me,he always complained that he was tired,work stress,this and that. We have discussed this issue many times but all his excuses were always tiredness,work stress,he has a lot of work in the office etc and I am a kind of lady that loves sex especially when I am being sucked before sex which he had never for once did.
Whenever I bring the issue of sucking up,he always bluffed it off saying he has never done it before that he used to get irritated. Don't  get me wrong please, I am a very clean lady that knows how to take care of my body but I don't just know what is wrong.
Please help me, we just got married early last year and I believed that sex is to be enjoyed between married couple and not endured. What can I do to make him sex me orally and even last longer on me.

Great sex begins with great communication skills and mutual understanding of the sexual needs of one another. There is absolutely nothing wrong with your desire to enjoy clitorial orgasm but it would be wise to invest more time in communicating sexually with him in such a manner that he would naturally be compelled to reciprocate your sexual gestures. Think of ways to make him feel loved, accepted, appreciated, cherished and enjoyed by you. 
Think of a romantic massage and an exotic moves that will leave him yearning for your touch, think of being the bedroom boss while you allow him be the head of the house. Climb on top of him and give him a great ride, it will make him not to ejaculate faster and also give you more time to satisfy your sexual cravings and determine how you want the pendulum to go. 
Think of giving him a blow job and erotically massage the penis while playing with his testicle, please don't be surprised at what may happen later. 
Think of kissing him and spotting the erogenous zones of his body, kiss him on his ears and tickle his nipples, you may be surprised at how he will react to those. 
Sometimes one of the ways to bring a man out of his shelf is by showing him workings and giving him erotic aid to how heaven could be like. 
You need not make him feel inadequate or incompetent or feel discouraged by his one round pattern especially if he wasn't sexually active before getting married to you. 
Also the state of his mind and body can affect his performance in the bedroom, so help him with encouraging words and compliments and prepare meals that will help him sustain an erection for a longer period of time. Cut down on fries and prepare meals that are rich in vitamins and minerals and vegetables too. When you prepare his meal, you can garnish it with fresh garlic and ginger, and fresh onions so that it can boost the blood flow. 
If he's tired in the evening, you can change the routine of your lovemaking to midnight or very early in the morning before leaving for work, nothing really beats a good morning sex because it sets the tone of the day for both of you. 
Give him some time and be patient with him, compliment his penis and his performance even though you wished for a better performance. Positive compliments boosts sexual performance of men so be kind with your words and keep experimenting and who knows, perhaps someday you will be the one moaning with great pleasure as he generously washes the dishes.. Lol 

If he wouldn't mind reading this with you, I have a word or two for him. 
Handsome husband congratulations on your successful wedding of your beautiful wife, you see this is the part of your life where you need to be as naked as possible in your heart, soul and body so that you can enjoy the benefits of being one with the wife of your youth. 
The vagina is not as dirty and horrible as you think and you may be shying away from licking her vagina because you have not experienced the miracle that happens when you give your time to the most powerful and sensitive sexual part of a woman. I know that some men prefer suckling the breast because of the glory of its outlook but the truth is that the experience of licking the vagina is second to none and the beauty of it is that if you can give your wife a good clitorial stimulation and a vaginal stimulation, you don't need to go three rounds for your wife to be humming your ringing tune and afterwards prepare your favourite meal for you. 
Sex is not what you do to satisfy yourself but it's a mutual appreciation of your uniqueness, beauty and personalities as you begin to bond with one another. 
In your bedroom, there is no restrictions or rules to what you and your wife can explore and enjoy as long as it's safe, healthy and fun for both of you. So don't be afraid to try something different from the routine insertion and delivery of your sperm. Spice up your bedroom and share your experience with me if that's comfortable with you. 
Remember that God designed the vagina in such a manner that it naturally purifies itself and refreshes itself so she doesn't need any medicated soap for you to enjoy her. Just a warm bathe is enough and like I said, don't let anyone deprive you from enjoying the honey in your wife. Lol


  1. Dear poster with the way you are sounding you will one day do something funny out of your matrimonial bed may be with your ex that gives it to you hot. You are so desperate and impatient with this sex under six months. I didn't read where you wrote that you have sucked him time with out number so he can do same. I didn't read where you wrote that you did to him all you would love him to do to you. What do you think your husband will be thinking of... This my wife what life did she live before I got married to her... You know... Anyway our amiable Anty has advised you.But my dear in as much as sex is important in marriage get focused in other thing that is capable of helping your marriage eg.prayer etc. Then other things will follow.May God help you shaa.


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