Monday, February 22, 2016

What Could be the Problem?

Mummy good morning ma, please send this to your fans is urgent because am losing it please.
I have been dating this guy for a year and six months now. I love him so much and he loves me too. He always provides for me even when I don't ask. Since I started dating him I have been having suitors, though he never proposed marriage to me. Since December I two guys are on my neck they said is marriage.
My parents are aware even the past ones I had last year. They have started seeing it as if the guy am dating is the one telling me to be rejecting them(suitor). So on Friday I called him that I want to see him, when he came I told him that I want to know his plans for me in his life, how suitors are coming.
Ma he was so shocked, he never expected that question that moment, he felt like crying but what confused me most was that he just stood up and said he will get back to me in the evening. Since then up till now I have not seen him.
Aunty my question is this was I wrong in letting him know about this? What do you think can be the problem?
Note: He's the third son and third child of his parents, he's working and a graduate too but the first son is not married, the second is married but they're all living in their family house.

As a lady, when a man comes into your life and declares his Iove and intentions to you, you must search your heart and make up your mind before accepting to date him. 
You cannot be dating a man who is investing his time, resources, and emotions in your life and you wake up and then begin to feel as though you are running out of time because other men came crying that they want to marry you. 
That man for all you care to know loves you and he has invested so much in you, why then are you making excuses to dump him and jump into another man because he's ready for marriage? What stops you from building a bright future with your partner or is that forbidden to you? 
If for any reason you feel that he doesn't have a future with you, then terminate the relationship with him but don't serve him with such a selfish worries about suitors that wish to marry you. If he was your son, what would you tell him to do? 
I understand the men are choking you with love and desire for marriage but you should also know what you want as a lady and stick to it. You are not a raffle ticket that any available man should grab, you have a future, a purpose, a lifestyle and a passion that only one man can help you achieve in your lifetime and marriage. 
Be wise and be ware so that you don't make a decision that will crush your life. If you genuinely love him, your discussion will sound like, "honey, do you know that two men are choking me up with marriage proposals but guess what? I'm rooting for you and with you" I doubt if he would have felt bitter or weak if you approached it that way but you have already given me his family history and his limitations which suggests that you are already thinking of grabbing one of those suitors. 
I pray that God will open your eyes and guard your hearts to avoid making a terrible decision.

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  1. One mistake most of our serious young ladies make is not asking to know the essence of a relationship which they're about going into, and that is meant to be the first thing to know. "Where is this relationship leading us?" "Do I have a place in your life in the nearest future?". Those questions will give you an insight of whom you're dealing with. Also, please don't get married because suitors are coming, even if you'll do that, you just have to know the people coming into your life to an extent before settling with one in other to avoid regrets.


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