Monday, February 22, 2016

Woo That Pretty Lady!

I know you may not want to read further cos you feel you are already a pro in this but I hope those who wish to read,will learn a thing or two on how best to approach the lady they admire.

One thing I must remind you is that ladies are human beings with need for companionship,affection and friendship just like you.
They are not strange breeds of human beings but they have vision,passion and purpose just as men do.

When you meet a lady you admire or a lady you wish to be close to.
Do not be shy about it or try to intimidate her with whatever it is you have or do not own.

Begin with subtle compliments and appreciation.
Any lady can fall for sweet compliments.

Appreciate her personality and be honest about it.
These days you don't need to be a comedian to express yourself.

Be real and down to earth, the worst that can happen is that she didn't give you enough time but a second is enough to leave an impression that will make her long for you all the days of her life.

Make an eye contact and speak calmly to her soul.
Harsh words make ladies become tense and unsettled.
It troubles their spirit so you just don't need such a harsh tone or disposition.

You don't need to show her how much you have in your account.
You don't need to show her your father's buildings.
Be yourself and speak gently to her.
Listen to the things she isn't saying with her mouth.

If she still maintains a perfect eye contact with you,then your wooing isn't penetrating.
When she is shy and looking down.
You can bet you are closer to where you wish to be.

Take things slowly...
No matter how much you love her, don't rush her into falling for your bidding.
Give her some time and always be close to her to help and to support her.

Always listen to her and get to know what she cherishes and appreciates.
Most times they aint the most expensive or the things you feel all ladies cherish.

Some ladies fall for (abacha) while some fall for (okpa) and others (ewedu).
When you know those subtle things that make them feel on top of the world,you sure have registered your name in the deeper most part of her heart.

Wooing is a lifetime journey.
Whether you are courting,dating or have married her, you need to daily and constantly remind her that you made no mistake choosing her.

The things you compliment her about maybe the things she is most worried about so you see how a sincere compliment can give her confidence that will last her for a lifetime.

I wrote this because I know there are few men who find it difficult to approach the ladies they love and cherish.

They fear that she will reject them so they never dare to approach her.
And some feel comfortable waiting for eternity for the lady to come and ask them out thereby leaving the lady with no option but to marry whoever meet her need.

So handsome men, go all out and make ladies happy and proud of being alive in the land of the living.
They deserve nothing less.

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