Monday, February 22, 2016

Should I Continue with the Relationship?

May God continue to inspire you the more mummy. We have been dating for two and the half years. He loves me a lot and does everything to make me happy. I love him too and I feel satisfied and peaceful whenever am with him. I am 22 and he is 33. He gives me much attention,understanding and advice. He also supports me financially whenever he can(I don't ask from him but he does that with love). I so much appreciate that because I find it so hard to ask from a man. I always ask God to give me a man who understands me and who will support me even without asking. Let the love just flow. And I found that in D. Things were going on fine until last year September when I went back to school for my final session. All of a sudden we started having issues about communication. He reduced his rate of calls to me, to until I flash or text him before he calls. I tried to ignore these assuming he was busy with work(this is someone who squeezes out time to call me no matter how busy he is). It went on like when one day I decided I stop calling, flashing or sending messages to him. It was not easy for me so I deleted his number from my phone so as not to get tempted to dial the number. I noticed he didn't call through out the day. That was how it went on from days to weeks. I felt hurt, whenever he calls I don't feel free and joke with him over the phone as usual.
Then he will ask' Angel what is wrong' I will say 'nothing' I was expecting him to know he hurt me. To cut the story short he later apologised but I hardened my heart just waiting to be back home so that we can talk but D didn't call as he used to. He likes every post I upload on social media and comments but I shunned him. He sent me birthday wishes on my birthday but I shunned it. Later he stopped calling and all that.
Now am home, he started calling that he wanted us to talk but I refused to give him time. I later gave my ears, he said that he still loves me but he can't lie to me, he started dating another lady. I still love him too.
He wants us to continue, am confused. Please advice me thanks.

On what basis should you continue dating him? Some times I get worried that a lady will see her partner in the arms of another lady and yet she claims to still love him even when they're not married to each other. It's really disturbing and I feel that it has to do with low self esteem and inferiority complex on the part of the lady.
God never designed a lady to be competing with other ladies, in the book of Genesis the very beginning of relationship and marriage, God never brought Eve and another woman to Adam, so why should a lady still wish to attach herself with a man who has made up his mind to date another lady in the name of hoping that things will work out.
Please marriage is more than waiting for things to work out and if the partner that you gave your time and heart to decides to serve you with the cold hands of rejection, kindly dust him off from your life and move on.
Relationship can only work out when there is mutual faithfulness and commitment to make the relationship work and not when a man tells you all the lies to have sex with you and then goes ahead to marry his main chick.
Please help yourself so that you don't lose your husband while you are hanging out with the wrong partner. Cry and cry very very well but move on especially when you know that he's already in a relationship with another lady.
This is because just as he's begging you to continue with the relationship, he may be feeding the other lady with another lies that you are disturbing his and he's already taking care of that and will never dump her.
Except if he has dropped the other lady and have decided to repent from his evil ways and commit himself to you and the relationship, else please I will suggest that you zoom off because any delay maybe harmful to you emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.


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  2. Girl, you are sooo lucky. You know why? Cos he told you the truth. Pls move on dear. Forget him and thank God for bringing him your way. You have a bright future ahead of you.

  3. So if Amara advices u, u will go to that 'boy'. Well, I knew she would not encourage u to date him again.
    The way we reason most times, amazes me. So if he contracted HIV these few weeks, u will be happy to go and 'collect' it???
    Oya go nah, since u no get sense...Mtcheeew


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