Monday, February 22, 2016

Aren't They Beautiful Together?

Today has been exceptionally the most beautiful day not because of the opinions of the social media righteous individuals but because a man who truly appreciates the treasure and the precious gift God has blessed him with decided not to pretend to be associated with his wife, but chose to celebrate her in a manner that left many thinking out loud when last they made their wives  feel exceptionally happy and fulfilled with their marriage.

Are you still guessing who I'm talking about? It's no other person but the king of Mrs Amara Van Lare's world, Mr Francis Van-Lare, some even made him a pastor, but one thing I can tell you is that he's a good headmaster of the bedroom and a man who doesn't joke with his wife nor does he hide his feelings from anyone who cares to know about what loving truly meant for him. 

You may have your reservations or suggestions but one thing you cannot take away from this beautiful couple is that they're happy with life and in love with each other.

So instead of criticising, you could do better by appreciating the fact that there is something unique about this couple and more like preaching love, you can tell that they are beautiful together! 

Love is a beautiful thing, and to anyone who has found that special someone who makes their world glo with gladness, please do not let anyone make you feel shy or afraid to celebrate him or her in your own unique way!


  1. Instead of bloggers to caption the story "wonderful couple showing off their love" they labelled it "see what pastor does in the open". He is indeed proud of you.

  2. I have followed this post on your "king's" facebook wall and as well as other blogs but choose not to comment on any rather I have been laughing out loud at some 'hypocritical' comments and at the same time praying seriously in my heart for a beautiful marriage...
    Aunty Amara, I love 'love', I love to see people madly in love doing it right, I love 'loving' and I love to be 'loved'!
    Now to my Boaz,wherever thou art(hehehehe) hear me now, Public Display of affection is a must!
    I grew up seeing my parents kiss and play like kids, even till today my parents still cushion/pillow each others heads on their laps and Chest, but strictly made us believe it's better and sweeter in marriage!
    Now am grown up, having learnt a lot from them all am waiting for is to practice all I been taught by them.

    What's my point, 'PDA' by MARRIED COUPLES, strengthens the bond in their relationship, family and even their lives as a whole! It's a soothing balm to the heart to know your significant other is Sooooo proud of you to show you off to the world!

    WORLD PEOPLE, do you know that cheating and some heartaches women/ men alike face in their marriages will be history if they can show off their 'significant other' in this way?

    Biko Aunt Amara and Uncle Francis, I wanna learn more and add to the much of I have learnt from my parents, I will teach my Boaz whenever he shows up!
    I love you both

    1. Sure! Your Boaz will show up soon and don't ever let the world shout you down. Like Blind Bartimeaus, the more they shout, the more you give them reasons to shout.

    2. Sure! Your Boaz will show up soon and don't ever let the world shout you down. Like Blind Bartimeaus, the more they shout, the more you give them reasons to shout.

    3. Thanks a bunch ma, am sure not gonna allow that.
      I love you much!

    4. Hey Burberry, I'd like to reach out to you, could you pls let me know how to do so . Thanks

    5. Anon 7:00. You would like to reach out to me under anony...? Haba!!!

    6. Lol....okay, how do we do it? I would have suggested to contact you but I don't want you putting up your contact here. Let me take the pain. So here's mine, delta orion niger charlie zebra alpha romeo 12 Just drop a message and I'd follow up with you. Thanks

  3. Wow this is beautiful,God bless your home mama. I have always said as a child from 14 years, I already started praying for my marriage and and I want my husband (my lord) to treat me. How generation will come to Christ through my marriage, and it will be Heaven on earth. A lot of PDA of course. We shall make Heaven together. I already have names for my two sets of twins. Boys Zoe and Zion, girls Mirable and Christable. And yes there can have as many names as possible. Lol. I have called him forth, yes he's passionate about me.

  4. All of d hypocritical words are from people who doesn't appreciate Luv dey dnt even Luv their own selves talk more of deir spouse, they are Luv isis dey hate ppl dat shows Luv. Aunty Amara dnt b surprised that these ppl criticising u and ur hubby are actually d ones u advised deir spouse on Hw to tolerate deir unruly and luvless attitude in marriage. Those ppl dnt knw wat Luv is and dey can't give wat dey dnt v. I pray for a Luv like dat u both share #muchlove#

  5. My awesome sister, it doesn't matter what the world says. What's important is that God loves you as a couple and happy family. What the doomed people say is passing wind. Ignore them and continue doing what you like best-living by example, role modelling

  6. Dear Auntie Amara, keep up the good work, enjoy ur husband and marriage.

    All I know is that, Haters are always gonna Hate.

  7. Amala its beautiful but catching your two endowed before ur millions of fan is not the best way to appreciate what God blessed him with it didn't glorified the Almighty, if we are higher animal,we should act like one

  8. I am happy for you Lady Amara. However, I have my reservations about one of the pictures you posted. Granted,he is your husband, posting that picture isn't the best way of displaying affection.


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