Monday, February 22, 2016

Should I Quit?

Good afternoon Aunty Amara. I will start by commending you for your good works here. Please I want you to post this. .
I am a lady of 28 years, a graduate and currently working. My problem is that I have never been in any stable relationship, men come and leave my life as they will. I am the type that love stupidly that I know.
The only people that always want me for keeps are mostly married men who wants second wife, divorcées or widowers. I noticed they are the ones that always want to marry me. I am confused, I keep wondering if I have a problem?
Six months ago, I met and fell in love with a 33 year old single man but he keeps saying he is not ready for marriage now, that he is still young. This is the longest relationship I have been in. I don't know if I should just quit but I love him and I am tired of jumping from one relationship to another. . .
Please I need advice. I crave your indulgence, please no insult. Thanks.

The first thing you must do for yourself is to appreciate yourself and enjoy your life. I understand that you desire to get married anytime soon but with the pace and worries in your system, you may either end up with a disaster or end up chasing the real men away from you.
Instead of sending a signal that suggests that I'm not interested in a relationship but in marriage, I would rather suggest that you send a signal that suggests that my life is beautiful and colourful, you are free to share your time with me if that will make you happy like I am.
You need to prepare yourself for marriage by building a healthy friendship with the opposite sex (I don't mean having sex with men), engaging in a healthy, positive and purposeful conversations and sharing of ideas. You need to let the beauty of your heart reflect in all your endeavours, from the church to the office and in anywhere you find yourself.
The way and manner your husband may come, you do not know so do not take every opportunity you have to do good and leave a positive impression for granted.
Do not settle for what you do not appreciate because of the pressures to get married but be patient and emotionally discerning to identify those who are after your body and those who wish to invest their life in you.
For a man of 33 years to say that he's too young to know exactly where his life is headed to is a clear indication that you may be wasting your life and time trying to figure out who he is, what he want and where he's going to in life.
For the fact that you have not gotten married today doesn't mean that anything is wrong with you. All you need to do is seek the face of God, stand on his words, exercise your faith in all you do and be positive.
Attend programmes and interact with individuals who share the same values and virtues that you cherish as an individual and allow God to perfect the desires of your heart in his time.

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