Saturday, March 19, 2016

Can't Make this Work Anymore!

Good morning aunty Amy, am here again with a heavy heart. One of the girls I told you about had a baby for him(Read Here), same year with my son. This particular girl almost destroyed my home. It's been five years now since I knew about her existence with my husband.
When I found out she was pregnant, I asked my husband but he denied it as usual. This morning, I found her phone in my husband's bag. I saw the picture of my husband and the baby in their home, in his car. I also saw their chats, my husband was calling her all kinds of sweet names, how much he was to he wants her and make her his future wife, how he loves her and their son.
I just want separation cos no matter how I try to make things work, he is still so much into this girl. We are not financially okay, but the little we have are spent outside. I still beg for sex from him which he gives in when it pleases him. I don't know what to do. Please help me.

This is when you need to inform his family of your findings with facts about his son and also inform your family of the latest happenings before seeking for a separation from the marriage.
This will then force both families to discuss the future of your marriage and allow your husband to decide whether he still want the marriage or wish to move on.
Though it's almost messed up, there's still hope if your husband still want to remain married to you but if he has already moved on while under your roof, there's little or nothing to do but to bid him goodbye and allow God to guide your footsteps.
I'm sorry for the pains and the frustrations you are experiencing in your marriage, one may not tell what could have lead him to this but one thing I know is that you are not alone in your journey and I know that he will show you mercy and strengthen your heart even in troubling times like these.


  1. Pray, when there's is nothing else to do, pray. Seems he has joined himself with the evil one, pray. Every strange woman on assignment to scatter your home, be scattered in Jesus name. Every stronghold of the strange woman, I pull you down in Jesus name. possess Your home in Jesus name


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