Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Do I Owe Him an Apology?

Good evening ma, thanks to the wonderful way you touch people's life of which am among. May God bless you. My problem is that there is this married man who lives close to my hostel in school. He has severally asked me out indirectly. I saw the way he goes with some of my female hostel mates and I never wanted to be counted among them even before I got married. I took him to be a God fearing man, the last he did was that I asked him about the price of palmwine for my traditional wedding which my hubby was the one that asked me to make inquiry. He asked if am getting married and I answered yes and his response was so I didn't give him my thing before am married that he is still interested.
Now each time I sees him on the road he tries to reduce me with his words which I understand why he was doing that. And today I was in my house and he was passing with some guys and I happened to know all of them. He asked me to get a needle from my room so they can use it to open their phone. When I was entering inside I heard him telling those guys that if they see me the will be thinking that am still young that I have small body. Am 23 ooooo of which he asked about my age one day and I told him.
I felt very bad because of his words. Coming out to get what he asked me to bring for him. He repeated same thing again I couldn't hold my anger and I told him that he is old enough to be my father. That was all I said and entered inside and people that were around were looking at me maybe they will be thinking that the reason I said it was because the man doesn't have any child yet but God knows that I never thought of that before I said that. Later he passed again and called me I didn't respond very well. Since then my conscience has been disturbing me.
Aunty please I want to know if I owe this man any apology. Am ready to apologise. Note: he is between 38 and 45 of age.

Personally I feel that you don't owe anyone any explanations for your outburst. I'm really wondering what you share with him that made you think that you owe him the details of your life and your future.
He's married and that should at least give him some sense of responsibility and maturity on how he relates with others and I don't think that he's the best man to make enquiries about the palm wine from because there are tons of individuals in the village who you can enquire from without any fuss.
Let your discussion with this man be good morning, good afternoon and good evening. Take no thought for anyone, there's no need to have a bad feeling for what happened because what you said was both a warning and an idiom and I'm certain that he got the message that not all ladies are as lose as those that he collects their "thing" from.

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  1. Not that you really owe him an apology but you can just decide to tell him not to feel bad about what you said (if need be), but let him know you said that out of anger (if need be). Though he might start misbehaving again cos looks like he doesn't respect himself. Where is his wife sef? I'm sure those boys he moves around with are jobless.


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