Saturday, March 12, 2016

Does He Really Love Me?

Good evening ma, thank you for your advice it has really helped me a lot. I know I have done wrong before God and man but at the same time I have asked God for forgiveness. I have dated my guy for almost a year now but along the line I got pregnant and he asked me to abort it due to his position in the church and what people will say and that he doesn't want to raise a family that way.
The problem now is that I tested him by telling him am pregnant and he is pleading again with the same story that I should abort it. This has been giving me a lot of concern if he truly loves me as he say and want to settle down with me. Am just confused ma either to let go or not.

If he really has the fear of God and a personal relationship with God, he won't bring out his penis and have sex with you but the more wicked and inhumane thing he did was to encourage you to abort his baby so that he can be a saint in the sight of the church members.
These are the kind of individuals who you should flee from and disassociate yourself with because they're hypocrites and evil with wicked and selfish motive.
If he could encourage you to abort, what then is love to him? And why do you still hang out with him? If he couldn't humble himself and accept the responsibility for his decision, why do you still allow him to have sex with you or are you now willing to abort another baby for him?
Genuine love doesn't crave for sexual pleasures, it takes responsibilities for whatever becomes the outcome of such pleasure.
Since he has decided to be a wolf in a sheep's clothing, it's advisable for you to embrace yourself and move on because such a man cannot be trusted in anything and he has no trace of sincerity and commitment to the relationship but he's out for sex and romance.


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