Thursday, March 31, 2016

Don't Know Who's Saying the Truth!

Good day ma, I want to commend you for the wonderful job of bringing hope and joy to the lives of singles and married of our generation, may God bless you richly in Jesus name, amen. Ma, I have an issue that seriously needs your attention. I am a 29 years old young man, currently undergoing my NYSC programme, my girlfriend on the other hand is 21 years old and almost rounding off her NCE programme. Last week she told me of a friend's wedding she wanted to attend, I did not object.
Just a day to the event I was chatting with her friend who happened to be her room mate, and she told me she felt sad telling me this but at least her conscience will be clear, I asked what it was only for her to tell me that my girl suggested they should go and pass the night in her ex's house which happens to be in the same town where the wedding was to take place but she rebuked her that she can't betray me since we are good friends. She told me her fear is that, now that she is not going to attend the wedding, my girlfriend may still go to pass her night there.
I was devastated that how could my girlfriend ever think of such but she told me if I want to know the truth I should call her late at night that day and insist speaking with who ever was close to her at that moment. I bought the idea and did as she suggested. My girlfriend called me at about 9.45 pm that she was about sleeping, I said okay where are you passing the night she answered in the affirmative her friend that wedded. I insisted on talking to the friend but she said it's not possible as they have gone to sleep that she was meant to sleep at the sitting room without nobody around, I was mad because in a house that just witnessed serious visitors no one was close so I can talk to. I quickly called her friend back at school to help me call their friend that just wedded so I can know if my girlfriend was in her house, I received the shocker of my life that she left immediately after the reception.
I called my girlfriend again and insisted she tell me the truth where she was she still stood her grounds that she was in that lady's house at that point I requested to have her number so I can confirm but the number could not go through. As I type my girlfriend is yet to admit rather she wants me to apologise for embarrassing her.
Ma this will be the second time this is happening, the other time, she came from school, picked up stuffs at home, and left for school but told me she was still at home. When her line couldn't go through, I called her younger sister so I can talk to my girl only for her to disclose to me that she left that same day she came, when I told her, she later confessed that she went to one of her auntie's place where her mum was at the moment due to misunderstanding with the dad but she never wanted her siblings to know, i forgave her.
Ma, I am really confused here since my girl is serious about where she slept, I don't know who is telling the truth? Also I don't want to implicate the room mate whom together we uncovered this because for sure there will be bloodshed.
I need your advice asap ma.

You scared me when you said that there will be bloodshed if your partner gets to know who revealed her deceptive ways to you.
Well, you know better than I do but it's really an impossible task to love a lair and a cheat unless you have so large a heart to accommodate all and ignore everything.
Personally I'm impatient with liars because I simply don't know what to believe about them. Their greetings maybe lies, their opinions maybe lies and even when she vouch to be saying the truth, I will be more skeptical to believe them.
While you can't tell precisely where she slept that day, there were some evidence of truth and honesty in what her roommate told you. She declined giving her phone to the supposedly "friend" for you to speak with her.
Her ways is as unreliable and unpredictable like the clouds and I don't know why she's putting up this attitude in your relationship.
You may need to sit her down and find out what is in her heart concerning relationship. I mean, you can't in the name of love live miserably and hopelessly to please a lady who is emotionally cheating on you.
I find it difficult to picture her claiming to be in love with you while she conveniently visits her ex boyfriend and comfortably have sex with him. She's not really emotionally mature for the kind of commitment and relationship that you desire from her.
If she's still in love with her ex or she's not emotionally mature and psychologically stable for a relationship with you, please give her some space and allow her to figure herself out.
The economy is bad for everyone so there's no need adding a terrible relationship to your life even with the meagre stipends you receive from the government.
Being 21, she may still be feeling sixteen and playing as she feels like so I will suggest that you give her some space, don't border bringing up the topic to her anymore. Give her some time and figure out what her reactions will be, then decide whether to continue with her or to bid her goodbye.


  1. And why should someone who claims to be her friend be telling on her? Women and their tricks, her friend is jealous of her and wants to ruin ur relationship. Tread with caution

  2. Someone is making a CGPA of 5.0 and you are here talking about girl friend. When the girl marry another man your eye go clear. mtshew

  3. Guy be careful and at the same time be sure she is cheating on u.
    Friends could be jealous. Though ur girl not letting u talk to anyone around gave her out.
    Don't be entangled with the 'u told me' of these 2 ladies otherwise u loose ur self respect.


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