Wednesday, March 30, 2016

He Caught Me with Another Man!

Hi aunty Amara, please l have been reading your post and all your help to me, l really appericate and God bless you for that. I was in a relationship and had problem with the guy, though l was the one that told him am done because of his attitude and regretted telling him that but tried begging but he refused and even asked me to leave his house and we still talked but l promised myself not to open my legs for him again.
I do go to his house at times but each time am around, he will want to touch but thank God l never allowed that. I met another guy after l broke up with the him. The guy cares for me so much, but caught me with him in a bar and l was in his house when l came back that night, he was so mad though he didn't talk to me but he smoked out of control that night and the next day, he asked me to leave and that was the end of our relationship. Am now single. Please help me out Aunty Amara!

You don't go back to your ex and expect any man to take you serious. How would you have felt if you met your boyfriend with an ex or another lady in a compromising position?
One of the virtues that will greatly help you in finding a man who will love you selflessly is not beauty but FAITHFULNESS.
Faithfulness is the ability to remain committed to one partner in your relationship at all times, as long as you are with the person.
Forgive yourself and learn from your experience. Forget about your ex if you can and concentrate on improving on your virtues and skills that will enhance your personality.

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  1. In the future don't marry a man that smokes or drinks else you will.come here with more stories. Stop dating men that drink or smoke.


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