Thursday, March 31, 2016

She Doesn't Communicate with Me Anymore!

Good day , aunty Amara, more power to your elbow.
I started dating my lady some months ago. She appeared to be loving and supportive, she doesn't demand anything or put me under unnecessary pressure.
Some months back, I started suspecting that she had some people in her life due to the way she answered some calls, ignored some calls and always busy with her phone anytime we were together. This prompted me to ask her, which she blatantly denied.
However, I got to get interested in a guy she had twice uploaded his pix on WhatsApp.
There was a day I jokingly asked her if that's her boyfriend, she laughed and changed the picture almost immediately. I kept my cool I didn't bother about that until I found out they had more together due to frequent calls, chats, texts between them. I also discoverd they have been friends years back
before she met me.
When I confronted her with it, she said he's a close friend, she had known him long ago but didn't say anything further. But what I discovered indicated to me that they were more than close friends. She also went defensive and also tried to
take my attention away from the matter by making
it look like I barged into her privacy and that hurt me the more. However, what is hurting me most now, is that ever since I asked her, she has not tried to contact me either by call or chat, to apologise or try to resolve the issue even if she doesn't want to admit she is insincere to me, knowing fully well am hurt. She has been silent like she don't care.
What do I do now?

Simply ignore her and allow her to decide who to settle for. There's no need trying to force yourself on a lady who is clearly in love with another man. Perhaps she's trying to weigh both of you and discover who she prefer before dumping one and from all you said, he stands at a better advantage than you do, since they've been friends before she met with you.
Don't even border calling, texting or reaching out to her, if she's interested in the relationship and in you, she knows what to do and if after two months she doesn't reach out to you, please move on and bid her goodbye.

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