Thursday, March 24, 2016

He's Addicted to his Phone!

Hello Mrs AVL thanks for your good work and may God continue to bless and keep you. I just want to know how to get my husband to stay off his phone even if it's for some minutes. He's so addicted to his phone on WhatsApp which pushed me to snoop and ended up breaking my heart because he has tones of girls he's chatting with and they send him nudes, he also use to send them his naked pic.
After I told him I have realised he's been cheating on me, he didn't even feel sorry about it and told me he has warned me not to go through his phone, I later forgave him despite that he didn't apologise just for peace to reign.
He later changed the phone and bought an S6 which he uses his fingerprint to lock, now things are getting worse as he can't even drop the phone for a second, even after we slept he wakes up to chat at midnight and when I check his last seen the next morning in my phone it would be around 2 or 3am.
I have tried everything possible, prayer, also tried pressing my phone also to see if he would get angry and stop, told him how bad I feel whenever he's with the phone but to no avail.
I just don't understand how a married man who left his home since morning for work would come back to his family only to WhatsApp. I just don't know what else to do about this, although we live in the same house but we seems so far from each other. Please ma how can I deal with this I really need your help, thanks and God bless.

God blessed you with a man who not only loves you but came with his family and pledged to love you for the rest of his life. He didn't stop there, he has provided all you need and always return back to your bedroom, and all you want to win is his handset? 
Let me ask, if you know all the girls he's been chatting with, how will that strengthen your marriage? If you succeed in winning his phone and losing his love and affection, what would be your excuse? 
The argument is not that you don't have a right over his phone and shouldn't know the kind of friends that surrounds your husband but the main argument has been between his phone and his heart, which is more important to you? 
Why is it that you so much invest your time monitoring his phone and his chat that you forgot that you are fast losing the battle to the devil? 
Of course don't get me wrong, I'm so much against every form of secrecy and infidelity irrespective of how minute and insignificant it maybe but there's so much for you to do than allow yourself to be distracted by his irrelevant chats. 
You have no idea who you are to him and the kind of power and influence you have over his life and this could be the reason why you are focusing so much on his phone over his heart. 
Please snap out of that and spend quality time with your husband. Instead of waking up to check the last time he was online, check whether his penis was erect and rock him with hot sex. Check if he's hungry and feed him, check if he's horny and massage him. Make your room spicy and sexy and let him have a feel of your breast and your laps.
If all he's doing is send nude pictures to them, it's time to step up your game and allow him to feed himself with a perfect figure in his bedroom. You cannot overcome this battle by snooping on his phone but by praying and feeding his eyes with some sexy outfits that will make him feel like grabbing your body. 
Enough of the detective investigation, it's time to spoil him with love and affection, I mean there are so many sex positions to explore which he's yet to receive from you. 
His phone is too insignificant compared to his heart and his presence in your life. Make his presence count that he wouldn't have the energy to chat after three hours of romance. When you must have drilled him and spoiled him with so much sex, he will have no option but to confess about those distracting him. Don't run his life for him or make him feel as though he's not a man, instead pamper him, feed him, celebrate him and make him feel like a baby. 
In your closet simply make a prayer that anyone who is trying to destroy that which God himself has ordained will be punished by God, pray for him, pray with him and openly reject every spirit of infidelity in his life and in your marriage. 
Pray in such a manner that will leave leave him with so many fears and concerns. There is one thing that men truly fear and that's a praying woman because they know that God doesn't forsake the tears of a praying lady. 
Soak him in prayers and every day he's about leaving for work, give him a kiss and remind him of how much you love him, let him know how much you love him and how crazy you are about him that he'll be worried if you're alright or if he did something wrong. 
If you can agree with me and forget about his phone and whoever he's chatting with and focus on making your home the best place for him and your children, he'll always look forward to be with you and be in your arms. 
Your marriage is in your hands, please don't let a mobile device destroy all you have invested in your marriage. 


  1. Anger will not let me finish reading your so-called advice Amara... This is the trashiest advice av heard from you... If this is how you counsel, then I wonder why u left your first marriage. You should have stayed back and continue rubbing his dick... #trash

  2. @Amaka, violence is different from phone addict. Aunty Amy, u gave the best advise, if only we ladies will stop chasing shadows.

  3. If the case were the other way round. I wonder if her husband will be willing to accept this wicked treatment his melting out to his wife. The woman must lick the ass of the husband who doesn't care about her emotions, no respect, no love as if she doesn't have any self worth. What kind of advice is this? She's not his slave. She is his wife.
    Woman pray for him and also show him your human. You have every right to show your anger. Period!

  4. Dear Amara, I refuse to agree with you on this one.

  5. I think aunty Amara's response was alright, I mean it doesn't feel fair to spoil and pamper someone who's hurting you I know, but I ask what would you rather do? Give him a piece of your mind, shout and scream at him, punish him or what?... and after that what next? Will that guarantee his total love and comittment?... I doubt that.
    Dear poster, you must have tried all you thought You knew but didn't work that's why you came on here, so what harm could it possibly do you if you try another approach. He's your husband, your man, your responsibility, what you do next is totally your choice.

  6. I think this is d best advance if u want to win him back• try it let's c how it goes• knowing whom he chat or seX will not help u but ruin u•

  7. Every man,no matter his spiritual level has something called"ego".Every challenge has it's different approach.Where is the place of longsuffering or patience (Galatians 5vs21-22)?,I will advice this woman to "ignore him,pray dangerous prayer in your closet(check out a film called "War Room")follow what Aunty Amara said,I assure you this will end.It may take 1,2,3,4,5 months but it will surely end.The strongest point of a man is also his weakest.Thanks.

  8. Lol...ok...a couple of comments left me rolling...Amaka Amobi...nnem' nwayo oh.....ok...Aunty doing a great job here...we all know that...but this issue is alil more extreme...I mean...d advice is alil extreme...u can't force sm1 to b where they don't want to b...not with all d antics in way...d guy has to b in an extent....I mean we all pressing is literally an addiction...that can b curtailed by discipline(d guy has to discipline himself)...and it's also another thing to understand that d guy is not just pressing his fone...but actually no longer attracted to his dear key...u r going to need a lot of wisdom to handle d wife...become more sexy and all...pray...then pull out sm of dem hot dresses...wenever u v to go out...dnt nag him...and let d attention not b too much...u r his wife...he knows u luv dnt trip...just do ur part...and let him handle his fone pressing...


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