Sunday, March 6, 2016

He's a Sadist!

Good evening ma, may God bless you and the good work you are doing here. Please I will like you and your fans to give me advice on this.
Am married with two kids, my husband is the type that doesn't care about my wellbeing, he doesn't care whether me or my children are wearing clothes, there is nothing you will do that will please him, he is a sadist but he will buy latest designer for himself. In fact his wardrobe is full of cloths and shoes.
In times of sexual intimacy is nothing to write home about, we do have sex once in three months and am the one to initiate it, though according to him before we got married he didn't have affair with any woman. He told me that people do say that he is a homosexual which he denied ever being involved in that devilish act. He is not romantic at all. I noticed it in the beginning but he promised to change but instead of changing, its getting worse.
Am just into this marriage for staying case. We hardly sit together and discuss even laugh but everytime he will find one reason to shout and talk to me anyhow he likes.

If you can encourage him to write to me, I'm certain that there are so many things I would love to share with him even if he wishes for a private conversation. 
It's one thing to have a means of livelihood and another to be responsible to your family and your children. From your mail, one could deduce a bitter wife who is struggling and suffering alone in the presence of her own husband. This will be resolved if he will be willing to share his thoughts with me and hopefully help me understand your mail and concerns. 
When it comes to sex, there is this general perception that every man loves sex and is a stud or a jerk as long as he has a penis. This assumptions has made some women feel that talking about sex is not important because he will always bring her up to his sexual experience or prowess. 
The reality is that there are some men that are afraid of sex and their bodies. Some men are afraid of having quick ejaculation, not being able to help their wives reach orgasm, not being able to satisfy their wives, and the size of their penis. 
They would rather hide under so many excuses than to explore the vagina and not succeed in satisfying their wives. These men will naturally shout and nag just so that you don't approach them for sex. Some may be gay, some may resort to masturbation while some are simply insecure but if both of you can start by taking about sex like it is sex, things may also improve. 
Communication remains the bedrock of sexual satisfaction and where it's missing or distorted or not effective, there may be so many struggles and concerns in your sexual intimacy. 
If I should encourage you to bring him up to your taste and satisfaction, he maybe afraid that another man maybe taking his place in your life and this is why it would be wise to hear from him and then understand why he seems to be too innocent even with his wife. 
Having sex once in three months is not even healthy and could affect the mood of your marriage negatively so keep me posted on this mail by informing your husband, let's hope that he'll be willing to talk to me about this. 
Until then, be patient with him and do not attack him for any reason or allow your pains to push him out of your home but pray and communicate with him when he's available emotionally so that both of you can understand your needs and work on how to meet them. 

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