Sunday, March 13, 2016

How Do I Handle a Strange Lady in my Home?

Good morning ma may God bless you now and always. I posted sometime in January asking you all to pray for me about Hubby's business that went down and that God should visit my family this year. I thank all for the prayers and indeed God answers prayers, I haven't been living with hubby since eight years I got married with my two kids but right now we have moved in with him and it can only be God.
He has started healing my marriage and home but something came up, sometime last year a strange lady chatted me and all of a sudden she uploaded two of my Hubby's pictures in profile so I asked her who he was she said he's her man so I called hubby and asked him about it but he denied knowing the lady he even swore so I forgot about it but only for me to discover yesterday that some of her personal pictures were actually snapped in my Hubby's compound and house so I later confronted hubby and he denied again but said she's his friend's wife but I bet he's lying and that caused us to quarrel over it but later chatted the lady and discovered that she knew virtually everything about my hubby.
Please how do I handle this issue, I need advises and also your prayers that God should remove any strange lady in my marriage. Thank you.

Since he's denying the lady and defending himself that he doesn't know the lady. On your part, you will need more than a picture evidence but something that will help you make a better conclusion that he's involved in this and he knows who the lady is.
This will then be an evidence that you may table before him and also take it to an elder or someone who he respects and will listen to for counselling and suggestions.
I hate to tell you to get genuine evidence because Godly marriage ought not to be built on suspicion and investigations but when you cannot trust your partner's words, you can only rely on evidences to communicate effectively with him.
Like you said that both of you have been living apart, it would only be fair to say that there could have been a lady or two who could have been part of his life while you were not with him and hope that he doesn't continue with such a lifestyle now that both of you are together.
I cannot overemphasise the importance of seeking the face of God and interceding for your husband and marriage so that God can fight for you where you may be unable to fight for yourself and convict him where your words fails.
He's the only one who can awaken the conscience of those who doesn't see anything wrong with infidelity and deliver them from the spirit of infidelity.

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  1. From "I don't know her" to "She is my friend's wife". Ask your husband to show you his friend (her husband).


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