Friday, March 11, 2016

I'm Scared of Losing my Husband!

Aunty Amara God bless you so much for what God is using you to do in the lives of people. You're indeed a rare gem. Aunty please l'm writing for the first time here. l'm a married woman but aunty before l got married to my husband he had a daughter and He gave me reasons why he can't marry his baby mama. Anuty his daughter doesn't like me no matter what l do to please her, she still wanted her father to marry her mother because her mother was still single. l saw my husband's conversation with his daughter. And l have found out that my husband was still flirting with his baby mama even his daughter was telling my husband that her mother will give him more children and l also found out my husband has be calling and communicating with different women recently. So with annoyance l confronted the ladies through social media and let them know he's married and l sent our wedding pictures to them and my hubby heard it, he was so angry with me. l have asked him to forgive me that l'm sorry for what l did but still he has not forgiven me rather he's still contacting them and they're still calling him.
Aunty for the past two weeks now he doesn't talk to me. He is now saying that l hate his daughter and l don't want him to contact his daughter. We live in the state and he is trying to come to Nigeria this April and the ladies he is contacting all stays in Nigeria and he has already told them he is coming to Nigeria. My husband is a nice man his only weakness is cheating which he started since we became married.
Aunty please can you and your fan advice me on what to do because l'm scared of losing my husband to any woman. And l'm also trusting God for children. Thank you so much aunty, looking forward to hearing from you. God reward you abundantly for every good works Amen! Thanks.

Because you never fought to marry your husband, you don't need to fight with anyone to keep him. The mistake you made was giving your enemies the upper hand to destroy your home. Granted that you were angry and pained by your husband's attitude, going on the social media to fight his mistresses and share your pictures with them was not necessary and called for knowing that you were fighting a very sensitive battle, one that was there before you got married to him.
He had his daughter, his mother and the rest to contend with, the first thing you could have done was get so close to your husband that will weaken the influence of his daughter and the rest but I guess you were busy trying to please the daughter while she plotted on how to bring her mother in your marriage.
I would suggest that you ignore the daughter's attitude and draw closer to your husband, apologise for your shortcomings and overreaction on the page and then discuss with him while pouring your heart on him.
Listen to him and give him some time but please avoid choking him with so many suspicions and nagging attitude. If he's not yielding, consider talking to someone who he listens to and someone who he will always adhere to and let the person know what happened so that he or she can intervene and help him understand the implications of his decision.
On your part, avoid using your tongue to complain, to worry, and to nag and use it to pray and prophesy to your marriage and your husband. This is the most effective way to get hold of your husband and thwart the plots of the devil against your marriage.
Do not relent in praying for him but give your heart to prayers and then continue to communicate with him and if possible, let his phone be and maximise every opportunity you have to discuss with him and bond with him.
We can hope that and pray that God will deliver him from infidelity so that both of you can work together to achieve your vision and purpose in your marriage.

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  1. Really? hope that God delivers him from infidelity while he comes home one day and give you HIV. Interesting! U see what women have reduced themselves to... If she was being unfaithful the man will pray for her to change ni? This is total bs, shame on u


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