Saturday, March 26, 2016

I'm Technically Single!

Good evening ma. Am a fan of your page. I have had this issue troubling my heart for a while now. I got married to my husband January 2015 (just bride price was paid).
Since then, no plans have been made for traditional nor white wedding.
Hubby lost his job and out of his apartment too cos of finance. I live in the east(cos I work with my state government) while he lives in one of the western states.
Am beginning to get uneasy while my parents are also on my neck. I love my husband but the situation of things is making me lose it. I now feel technically single cos we live in same country but we stay for months without visits. I can't visit cos he squats in a friend's place neither does he visit cos he said he can't just come to the east without gifts for me and his people.
I feel bad cos the marriage to me is losing its taste. No companionship, limited communication, I pray that God will visit us with his blessings this easter cos I don't want my parents to have their way.
I need your prayer support cos that's the only solution to the hardship in this country. Thanks as I await your response.

Tough times can be challenging for couples but with mutual support, understanding, patience and prayers, they shall always testify to God's glory. 
Your husband didn't anticipate what he's experiencing today which is why you shouldn't let anyone or anything make you feel that you made the wrong decision getting married to him. 
It's a phase in your marriage and one that needs to be managed with maturity and wisdom to avoid destroying your marriage or falling into the wrong hands. 
That he's squatting with his friend doesn't mean that you cannot visit him, this is why the hotels are there for a short holidays and visitations. Both of you can meet and plan your future together. Both of you can strategize on how he can start up with a business or an investment so that he can raise some funds to meet the basic needs in your marriage and fulfil the tradition of your family. 
Even if he can't visit and buy gifts, he can come around and be with you so that both of you can work together and build your home. Thank God that you have something doing, please do not forget to send him some stipends to support him and let him know how much you love him and appreciate his efforts. Do not let him feel like he's alone in his struggles but assure him that he can work with you and succeed in life. 
It's no longer news that things are not as they are used to be, thousands have lost their jobs, thousands have also lost their lives and every day things gets tougher and more difficult for the low and middle income earners. 
Brace up, you are already married before God and all you need to do now is work with him and ignore the pressures and opinions of your family. You are not technically single because your dowry is a symbol that you are a virtuous woman, who has been chosen by a man, who believes in your personality and cherish you beyond anything else, and has decided to grow in love with you for the rest of his life on earth. 
You are now married, responsible and accountable to him and not your family and under God you owe him all the prayers and encouragement that he needs to succeed in life and in marriage. 
We are all praying for divine intervention and divine outpouring of God's favour upon your marriage. Because marriage opens doors for divine favour, I pray that God will favour the works of your hands and strengthen your heart in this turbulent phase of your marriage. 

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  1. It's well be strong cos temptation usually accompany marriage preparations.


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