Saturday, March 26, 2016

He's very Weird!

Hello aunty Amara, God bless you for your work, please I need your advice on this.
I have this male friend we have been friends for two years now, and he has been showing his interest to date me. He is very caring and nice not to mention how he spends money lavishly on me.
I really like him but the issue is that he is very weird, he goes off and on, like we can just be talking online normally, then he will just go off for like two weeks, a month, there was a time he went off for about six months without communication, without telling me he was going off, and he will just show up again and say he was busy, he was stressed with work he had to shut himself out.
So due to this his behaviour, I have not been able to accept his proposal, because I do not understand him, sometimes I think he is into some bad business and sometimes I think I don't have the right to feel angry since we are not even dating. Please tell me what to do, he is telling me he wants to meet my parents.

It's nice to date a man who is caring and who lavishes money on you but if you are wise and humble as a lady and you have not allowed greed to influence your heart, you won't feel comfortable with a man who you cannot tell his source of income. 
You won't just be smiling and follow him anywhere to enjoy his money when you cannot say what he's doing nor do you know his true identity in life. 
If for example he's an armed robber, how would you feel that he has to rob someone else to make you feel loved? Why haven't you demanded that he told you in plain language what he does and who he is? 
I'm not saying that he's evil but I'm not comfortable with your complacency towards the relationship because you ought to ask some sensitive questions before accepting to date him to avoid sleeping in the cell someday or even being a target to any horrible experience. 
Please ask questions and make further enquiries before considering whatever was his intentions for you. Don't bring home a man who you cannot tell who he is, what he does and his source of income in addition with his personality and his personal relationship with God. 
Please don't dine with a stranger to avoid getting lost in the ocean of your own carelessness. 

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