Saturday, March 5, 2016

Is it a Taboo to Fall for a Younger Guy?

Good day ma. I was introduced to your page by my friend. I have read how you advised people on their relationship. You really doing a wonderful job. May God give you more wisdom and knowledge in Jesus Name. You are really a role model to our generation.
I am 28 years and I will be 29 by May. I have a male friend who is 24 years and will be 25 by July. We are both graduate. The problem now, is that we are falling for each other. I am so confused because he is proposing marriage to me considering the type of society we are.
Is it a taboo to fall for a younger guy? Does age really matter in marriage? Please ma, help a broken and a confused heart.

Marriage is not a societal ceremony or institution but a sacred journey where two individuals separate themselves from the crowd and decide to work together as one to build a home where love, peace, understanding and trust saturates the heart of every member.
In a societal marriage , we follow the instructions of the society but in a Godly marriage, we follow God's word.
Are you willing to surrender your age, your experience, your knowledge and submit wholly to his leadership? Will you honour him with your body and all that you have even though he's younger than you are? Are you willing to trust in his leadership and respect him in all your endeavours?
Marriage is not for those who are old enough or young enough but for those who understands the spiritual, emotional and psychological bonding that takes place the moment that they decide to give their heart to marriage and love.
Age can be a challenge if it's your challenge but age can be nothing when you are focused on his personality and vision and not his birthday.
In all, endeavour to pray and meditate critically on your decision before deciding on what's best for you. What the society thinks of your decision is solely their opinions and it has absolutely nothing to do with your happiness and your fulfilment in your marriage.

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  1. My wife is exactly 5 years older than me and we have been married for 8 years. I have never dated a younger woman all my life! I educated and have a very good job so it is not a question of money. I provide for my family very well and we love each other very well. My wife respects me so happy marrying an older woman. The only I did not do was tell my family her age. So check the guy well if he reasons maturely them go for it.


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