Monday, March 21, 2016

Is it Wrong to Have Someone in Mind?

Aunty Amara Good morning, God bless you richly....Aunty I have something bothering me, I need your help please...
They say we should pray about the person you are going to marry.... My question is this, how will God reveal to you in the dream that, that person you have in mind or that person is your husband.... I want to know true confirmation.... I want to also know how God speaks or reveals something to you in the dream because I keep seeing this particular person in my dream and if I ask people they will say it's because I have that person in mind....
Aunty please I want to know if it's wrong to have someone in mind.... Aunty, have been praying to God for a life patner to the extent I decided to abstain from sex since 2014 yet nothing is coming forth....Though I have someone in mind, I wish he proposes to me but he hasn't said anything yet...
Aunty help me out please, I really like him and wish things work out for the both of us.....
The person I have in mind, we're not friends neither do we talk to each other but I like him and I wish he talks to me.

Before God can speak to you concerning a particular individual, you must have purged your heart of every form of idol and personal attributes of the kind of man that you are hoping to get married to. 
If you are already wishing to marry Benson for example, and you sleep, you will see yourself kissing Benson on the altar or see yourself living with Benson as your husband. That was not God speaking but your emotions reverberating your heart desire when you were sleeping. 
So instead of having Benson in mind, open your heart to accept God's will even when he may not be as handsome or as rich or as tall or as nice as Benson. 
God can reveal your partner to by divine revelation, using divine circumstances, and by dreams but one of the unique attributes of the partner that God will bless you with is that such an individual must have a personal relationship with Him and he or she must be one who desires to please God and make heaven. 
You can't discern God's will when you are distracted by sex and the material desires you can get from a man. You can't discern the man God is preparing for you when you don't seek his face in prayers. You can't recognise him if you are busy searching for him by yourself using all means you can device. 
You must be at peace with God and be willing to allow God to guide your footsteps and you must be very sensitive to the leading of the Holy spirit for you to identify him when he meets with you. 
Is there anything wrong with having someone in mind? Not at all but when it comes to recognising your husband, you have to depend solely on God and not on your own understanding and trust Him to perfect that which he has already promised. 
When you meet the partner that God has ordained for you, you will find divine peace and joy being in the company of him or her. He or she will someone who compliments you and completes you in your weaknesses and shortcomings. He or she will be someone who you are free to share your world with and someone you don't feel troubled building your vision with. He or she will be someone who have a personal relationship with God, someone who understands the divine purpose for which marriage was ordained. 
He or she will support you financially, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and mentally. When you have met him, you won't need anyone else to convince you that he's the one. 
But when you go ahead of God and allow your emotions to push you into getting married to a man because of what you feel or think about him, you may end up making a mistake that may cost you more than you bargained. It is a lot better and safer to allow God to guide you especially when it comes to deciding on who to get married to because marriage is a divine journey. 

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