Monday, March 21, 2016

Does Sex Make Ladies Fall in Love?

Hello ma, I am a fresh Veterinary Doctor from one of the Federal Universities in Nigeria.
I have been a big fan of yours for over a year now but I have never asked any question before.
I thank God for the grace He has bestowed upon you to be the advice giver and counsellor that you are.
I started a relationship with my girlfriend in January. We both love ourselves.
We have known ourselves before then for about a year and she has known a lot about me before we started dating, same with me too.
Along the line, we had sex after we had promised ourselves to hold on till marriage.
I hope to get settled in two to three years. But now I am scared because ever since we had sex, she has been more emotional and keeps prophesing more how she loves me but I am not sure if it is because of the sex we had or because she loves me really.
She told me someone told her that couples who have sex before marriage hardly get to marry because the guy then sees someone else and loses interest in the former, though I strongly feel my love for her will stand the test of time.
Ma, my question now is does sex have a way of making ladies fall in love for guys or my lady really loves me for who I am (Note: Although I'm a Veterinary Doctor, am not making much yet) and also how can I stay faithful to her because I also love her so much.

A woman connects with her partner through sex and she feels secure, safe and satisfied in the loving arms of her partner. If you can make her wake up feeling on top of the world with your sexual prowess, she will spend the rest of her life celebrating you and professing her love for you. 
Her expression is the reaffirmation of her love for you and her desire to stand with you for who you are and not what you have. Since you decided to explore her honeypot, it will only be fair for you not to become worried about whether she loves you because if she didn't love you or feel attracted to you, she wouldn't have allowed you to see the colour of her undies. 
You must realise that you have established an emotional and spiritual covenant with her and to help your relationship prosper you must decide within your heart not to give her reasons to doubt your love for her by sleeping around with other girls or keeping unnecessary female friends or by treating her as though she doesn't deserve your love.
You must remember that a great relationship comes with great sacrifices and mutual convictions that she is a good individual with a good intentions for your life and the relationship, that she's human with her flaws and limitations, that she will grow as much as you invest in her and that both of you will achieve the desires of your heart if both of you are committed to the vision and purpose for your relationship.
You may be tempted to taste other ladies but you are better off when you are faithful and committed to your relationship with her. Though you have started the relationship on a wrong foundation, if it is possible or convenient for both of you, you can agree to keep sex off the relationship to avoid unprepared pregnancies and help you understand your personalities and limitations beyond your emotions. 
If you are convinced about her personality and vision in life and you have seen the qualities and virtues that you need in your wife, please decide within your heart to work with her and be faithful to her as long as you live and make your vision for the relationship a reality in her life. 

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  1. Hmm...... If you don't want your building to collapse in the future,don't build with substandard materials. Sex outside marriage is one of such substandard materials. It gives you a sense of intimacy that is not rooted in reality/truth,and will not stand the test of time,coupled with the negative effect of soulties(which I suspect is already happening to you and your girl especially). Sex does not make us fall in love; it makes us THINK we are in love as well as blind us to the defects of the other person,which is dangerous for the future as the scales usually gradually falls off. I repeat: SEX DOES MAKE US FALL IN LOVE; IT MAKES US THINK WE ARE IN LOVE.
    True love is not being blind to someone's defects,but acknowledging their defects and choosing to look beyond their defects,and committing your life to helping the person become better,and it must be founded on Truth/Knowledge if you want it to stand the test of time. Take heed how you are building if regrets must be far from your dwelling. Go and download free audios,books,videos,etc. on love,dating,marriage,sex education,financial education,etc@ or call/sms/Whatsapp *234-7062456233 (Uche) ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101


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