Monday, March 28, 2016

Mum Doesn't Like His Kind!

Good day ma and happy Easter to you. Thank you for your words of encouragement and advises you give on your page. I have an issue that is bothering me and I need your help. I have a man asking for my hands in marriage. We lost contact for two years now and just got in touch Nov 2015, and we have been good friends since then not until January when he proposed marriage.
He loves me soo much and I love him too and he is my ideal man and a real man who knows what he wants, he is committed, hardworking, very neat, very intelligent ,we are both from the same hometown and a God fearing man and he really values me. I have met his entire family and they all accepted me and are looking forward to us getting married. He has also taken me to his place of work just for me to know his source of income. He decided to come and see my parents in Lagos cos he works in the east which I told my mum and she said she doesn't like his kind of job(he works with the state ministry) and how will her sisters, daughters, be having masters degree holders as suitors and mine is just a BSC holder, besides that she is not ready to suffer in this life, that the only thing that will make her agree is only if the women of God she took his name to confirms that he is my husband.
I understand that my mum never had the best of marriage with my dad and she always talked about her kids not going through what she went through in the name of marriage. This was also the way my previous relationship of five years ended all because the woman of God said he is not my husband and my parents never liked Anambra men(I am from Enugu).
I don't know if she wants me to marry a wealthy man before I can say I am comfortable in marriage. I don't know what next to do. I don't want to disappoint this man.

Please do not allow anyone to play the god in your destiny and in your marriage because you will live to enjoy the consequences of their manipulations.
Your mother made her decision for herself, please make yours for your life. You don't need a prophet or a priest to tell you who to marry, what you need is your knees and an open heart to seek the face of God in prayers, fasting and intercession.
Please, please and please, do not let anyone predict your future and your marriage, neither your mother and her prophet can predict your future or who your husband is.
These are the ones that Jesus Christ died for to release you from their clutches of manipulations.
If you decide to lose all your husband because of the experiences of your mother or because he has a BSC while others have masters (paper value) or because they are not as rich as she expected (money value) or because they are not working in Aso Rock (impression value), you will live to enjoy the rewards of those who do not seek God in prayers and build a personal altar to commune with the Holy spirit and be convinced of God.
Whatever be your decision, Goodluck!

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