Tuesday, March 29, 2016

What's Wrong with my Spiritual Life?

Good evening to you ma! God will continue to bless your good work, cause you have played a great role in my life with your advice to me.
Ma I wrote to you few months ago concerning my Dad's disgraceful act. Ma, am here again cause I need your help concerning my spiritual life my mail is lengthy but please bear with me ma
Aunty the last time I went to church for Sunday service was year 2013. I had no particular or tangible reason for my not going, my only excuse is that then where I work as stylist, we do work on Sundays too but I made a promise to myself and God that if I was able to get my own shop, I would forever serve him and be useful in the house of God.
Ma! January 2016, God provided what I asked for but am not keeping to my promise! I do go to night vigil, mostly I do pray at midnight, I read Bible often too, I do pray anywhere I find myself even while working, or I heard someone praying or singing beside me I would also pray mine or sing along, but once it's Sunday, I won't just have this feeling of going to church and I do have this guilty conscience that am supposed the be in Church, but I always end up not going.
Aunty am spiritually gifted which is 'Dream', I don't know what's wrong with my spiritual life, my mum even advised I change my place of worship where they close earlier so as to meet up with my work but I ended up not going anywhere. Without anyone telling me, I know my promise to God which I did not fufill is hunting me cause my work is not doing fine like is supposed to be and our present economy is adding to it.
Please ma, talk sense into me, put me in your prayer, I have no one to share this with.
Secondly mam! I want to know your take on Association stuff cause three days ago Nigeria Hair Association (Nashco) dropped a letter while I was not arround inviting me to join their association or they would come and lock my shop, but ma I hate anything involving association, my mind doesn't accept it at all and I also think it's supposed to be by 'choice' and not by 'force'. I know they had their benefit but am not just interested cause the two different places I worked as stylist, they don't involve in any association stuff, I even went to the places where I worked as stylist to ask about it and they both gave same response that it's something of choice.
What is you take on it ma? God bless you as I patiently await your response mam!

Do not join any association that is fraudulent or out to extort your little income. Don't be intimidated by their threat and whenever they come again, kindly request for the authority to which you must join the association, is it recognised by law?  is it binding to all? And must everyone be part of it?
If there is no supporting documents to prove their genuineness, please ignore them and focus on improving on your business.
As to your spiritual journey, I have one advice for you, I know that you are not comfortable with your current place of worship perhaps because of the manner or something else that troubles your heart but that doesn't mean that you should forsake the gathering of brethren.
You may consider worshiping where you can finish on time and go back to your business but beyond that, worship where your spirit, soul and body will be nourished with the undiluted word of God. It must not be the sensational churches but let it be somewhere where your heart finds peace and joy whenever you worship with them.
Bible said that we should not forsake the gathering of brethren. You will be strengthened and encouraged not only by the word of God but also by the brethren in the church.
Let your purpose be to grow in God's word and to please him in all your endeavours. Make up your mind and attend a service in a church of your choice and if you are not comfortable with what you experienced there, please do not feel discouraged to move on until you have found somewhere else where your heart will be at peace.
Remember let your desire be to grow in understanding God's word, worshipping God in spirit and in truth and living a life that is pleasing to God.


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  2. The best deliverance is self deliverance so,deliver yourself.Per association,kindly report them to Police & God.


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