Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Life is in Danger!

Hello ma,thank you so much for your advice and encouragement you give to people. May God give you more wisdom ahead. I want to share my problem that have been bothering me in my relationship.
I base in India as a nursing student in third year now. I met this guy in India and I like him so much at first sight, and his behavior towards me made me fall deeply in love with him but he didn't have anything doing cos he came to struggle for his success, and we were not living in the same city but I never minded him being poor. I decided to help him as I can to make sure he has something doing, he is a well matured guy of 36 years while I am 25 now. I brought him down to my city cos here he was going to cope with the business our people were doing so we were living together in my apartment.
This guy hide his past from me, before I found out the truth I was already pregnant for him out of our plan cos he already promised marriage and called my family for introduction and bride prize but during that period my mother was very sick and unconscious so my family told him to wait for some time before his family could come. One month after my mother died and nothing could be done anymore except after my mother's burial. This guy had a lady he impregnated in Nigeria before he came to India ,and hide it from me. When I found out, he knelt down and confessed to me that it was a mistake that the lady was just a friend that he never promised her marriage, out of desperation of the lady he got pregnant without telling him until it was late before she opened up, he said he never dreamt of marrying such lady and he will never in his life marry such lady even if he died today his dead body can not marry such lady ,that was what this guy told me.
Then I had to verify from the guy's family and all the guy said was true, he didn't marry her, she only had a son for him, so I forgave him but this guy's character later changed when I was six months pregnant, his behavior towards me was bad to the extent he left me during the period so I suffered the condition alone. My family took care of me cos I came down to Nigeria and delivered the child a boy. This guy now came back and begged me to forgive him for all he did to me and I forgave him cos I wished to plan my future with him since I had a child for him.
When I came back to India I heard everything he did when I was not around, the way he has been sleeping with all prostitutes in town and abandoned me suffering, I felt so bad and heart broken cos I never believed that this guy can do such, he still apologised about all and I forgave him. The worst part in this guy's life is that he went and joined baggar cultist over here in India two months after I came back cos he was a very jealous type that doesn't want to see men come around me and he is very hot tempered. He wanted to use the cult power to intimidate any man that comes around me.
This guy's life has totally changed now my life is in danger for living with a cultist, he beat me up for the first time since two years we have dated and even threatening to cut me with their cultist knife if I ever try to chat or talk to a man that he is going to kill because of me so I ran from him to my friend's place not quite two days ago.
He vowed not to let me be, he said that I must be with him and marry him. Please advice me on what to do cos I am really afraid. I don't think I can marry him anymore since he is a cultist. Thanks.

When your life is threatened by anyone for any reason or purpose, kindly involve the security agencies and report such an individual to them for adequate documentation and undertaken. 
Life is a priceless gift, no soul or being can give life and for no reason should life be exchanged for anything or anyone else. 
Gather yourself and let both your family and his family know what you are experiencing in his hands and then go ahead and make official report on his recent threats and emotional torture while you file for the custody of your son pending when he is of age to decide where he feels is best for him to stay. 

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