Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I Want to Settle down This Year!

Good evening to you Aunty Amara, thanks so much for the advice and succour you give to those who seek advice from you Well done!!! I fell in love with you because of the way you respond to people's problems that's why I'd love you to advice me too, help me.
I'll 35 years old by March and I'm not in any relationship right now though I'd love to settle down this year by God's grace. Amen. Though two guys were asking me out one of them told me to come to Ughelli to see him, I told him to find time to come to where I am or take a leave of absence if not he should swap with someone but he told me that younger girls would have jumped at the offer that matured girls think they know too much so I had to let him go. The other one, the first time we went on a date he told me he left his ATM at home I had to buy us food and the money on me he took it from me that day though I brought out so that we could spend less but he collected it and told me to use my ATM so I felt he wanted to use me.
When he told me we should hang out again I told him I was on my way to church and so he never called me again. Aunty Amara I want a relationship that I'll happy in please advice on how to go about it because this is my year by God's grace. Amen. Sorry for the lengthy letter

I believe with you that there's nothing that is too hard for God to do for you and I will encourage you to be positive and hopeful in spite of the not so beautiful experience in your relationship.
Both of the men that claimed to be interested in you were simply selfish and looking for ways to take advantage of your desire to exploit and painfully the second guy succeeded.
Please while you trust God to bless you with your husband, do not take everyone who promises you anything serious so that you don't leave a single life to a miserable marriage.
Seek the face of God, get busy loving and living out your passion in life and allow God to fix your husband into your life. Stop waiting for him or searching for him and invest in making your life as beautiful and lovely as you desire, God will not forget nor will he fail to fulfil his promises for your life.

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