Monday, March 7, 2016

She Requested for a Break but I'm Scared!

Greetings Aunty Amara.
Am at it again. My beating heart is about to burst out of my body.
Eight months ago I met a girl. Being that she came out of an abusive relationship four months earlier and I stayed one year off relationship, we decided to give love a trial. I have given her every love that could be found in me for the relationship was defined from the onset. She's 29 and yet to serve while am 32 and currently unemployed. We've never had issue that lingered before dawn.
But under my watch her love started dwindling. We talked about it but nothing fruitful ever came out of it. Didn't want to look like am nagging but I was feeling deeply battered inside. There were these two fellas that worked at MTN she usually hang out with. One have wooed her while the other friend was playing caring Mr bond. Have asked her ceaselessly but she always denied having anything to do with them.
Just three days ago she called me to inform me that the caring Mr bond needed her attention for he was preparing for his dad's burial. so she wanted to meet him at their office. That very day we had an ice cream date only for me to call her and she told me she was at the guy's place.
When we finally hooked up she told me she needed a break. That she was feeling choked. Kind of she does not know what she wants in life anymore. That a times she will be crying unnecessarily. I asked her duration but she said she does not know and I should please not call her. I bought the idea but am scared.
Have told some of my friends about it and they said it's a break up things. That probably she has been comparing me with someone probably Mr Bond because I do not have a job whilst he has. So I need candid opinion on how to go about this. Thanks

To be candid with you, the lady used you as a stop gap to get over the abusive relationship before moving on with her life.
Where you missed it was when you allowed her to be hanging out with the Mr Bond caring lover while presumably in a relationship with you.
Well the truth is that she never loved you so I won't encourage you to believe her tales of deception and manipulation. Since she's confused and always crying and have decided to craftily terminate the relationship.
Do her the favour by informing her that you have deliberately decided to terminate the relationship so that you can focus on developing yourself and falling in love with a lady who believes in your personality and appreciates you for who you are and not one who manipulates your emotions in the name of love.

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