Monday, March 7, 2016

My Fiancé is into Women!

Good day ma'am, l have been seeing your update l like it especially the way you counsel people.... Ma'am l have a problem and l need you to advise me.......
l have been in a relationship with this guy for four years now.... He did my introduction last year and he is coming with his people in not less than one month to do the traditional rite..... But the problem is that this guy is so much involved into women and l just found out not quite long. l have talked to him we have quarrelled over it but to no avail even when you caught him red handed with proof he will deny it and continue with what he's doing, although he is from a polygamous family. l was only interested in his personality because of the good moral he teaches me, thinking that he will never do such a thing but today with what am seeing the reverse is the case....
Ma'am l have giving a lot in this relationship because l started with him when he had nothing.... l don't know if am to quit, allow him do what pleases him till he decides to change, talk to the parents about their son's behaviour or talk to my parents although l don't normally like a third party in a relationship.... l want to be happy but every minute l see reasons not to be happy because of this guy's attitude, he gives me every hope that am the one he has made up his mind to marry but how can l marry him and we will start having issues tomorrow because of women.
l don't want to get myself involve in any marriage l will live to regret.... Please Ma'am l have not less than one month, what should l do?..... Help me crying

God can speak even though it be one second left, using every available means to open your eyes to the realities of your decision but he will allow you to decide whether to continue with the relationship or take some steps backwards.
If your partner doesn't respect your emotions assuming that he's innocent and he doesn't see anything wrong with flirting and possibly sleeping with them, and you decide to spend the rest of your life with him, then you will have just one option which is to patiently pray and hope that someday he will repent and commit himself to his vows.
If he's finding it difficult to be faithful to you or to show some courtesy to your personality, I have little or no idea how your marriage will be especially when your concerns and complaints will mean nothing to him
Though it's a good thing to be married, it's a beautiful thing when you marry a faithful partner because both of you will work with one purpose, be accountable to each other and devote your marriage to God's hands.
Faithfulness is a priceless and an indispensable ingredient of a prosperous marriage and if both of you do not share in the same vision, it will be wiser to take some time to meditate and decide whether you can cope with his personality and attitudes.
Have this at the back of your mind, that while you may succeed in pushing him to do your bidding now, you cannot change him if he's not willing to give his heart and all to the marriage.
It's not necessarily something to pray for because God has already answered by revealing his personality to you but it's left for you to decide on what is best to do and communicate your decision to your family and his family.


  1. My dear poster if his not faithful to you now,he can never be faithful after marriage, d decision is urs

  2. Marriage today STD/HIV from him tommorrow (God forbid),you can also forbid it.Dont hide a dangerous fire.Thanks.

  3. If u like don't run, tomorow you will start disturbing aunty Amara 4 advice


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