Monday, March 7, 2016

How Should He Go About This?

May God continue to bless you for the good job you are doing on this forum. Please, I need your opinion as well as your Fan's. My uncle married his first wife for five years, due to some irreconcilable differences the marriage collapsed, though they never had any child. The lady remarried almost immediately but for five years no child until recently she went for IVF and had triplets.
My uncle on his part remarried seven years ago but no child yet too. Himself and his current wife went for IVF but it failed. After that he started dating another lady who got pregnant six months into the relationship but because of the love he has for his wife he couldn't own up to the responsibility, the girl aborted the pregnancy.
For two years now he lives in another state due to his job. The Wife finds it very difficult to visit him except he forces her to come. All what she cares about is that he sends money to her for her upkeep and travels and abroad regularly for her business. She doesn't visit her in-laws nor allow any one to visit her either.
Now, the other lady is pregnant again for my uncle and he plans to marry her with the support of his family members but he doesn't know how to break the news to the wife.
If you are the wife what will you do? If you are the lady what will you do?

I'm not only meant to tell you what I would do but I'm also meant to tell you what your uncle isn't doing right that's why it's a counselling page.
The manner in which he dumps one lady for another is really terrible and heartbreaking and even if for any reason he feels that he cannot cope with a particular lady, it's honourable for him to be honest and sincere instead of jumping into another lady and then again start pressurising for pregnancy as though women are baby manufacturers.
If he really loved his wife and cherished her so much, why sleep with another lady and since he did, why consent for an abortion?
Did he not know that he was soiling his hands with the blood of an innocent child?
Since he's already sleeping with this lady and she's conceiving as he desires, let him be a gentle man and open up first to his loving wife and let her know what he's been up to lately.
I can't tell you what she may do or not do but I feel that he owes her the truth and he needs to take the responsibility for pregnant lady. Whether he wishes to marry her or just harvest babies from her is solely his personal decision but one thing is certain, anyone who brings a wood infested with insects shouldn't run when the lizard visits for supper.

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