Monday, March 7, 2016

How Can I Help Her Experience Orgasm?

Hello madam, I'm officially thanking you for a job well done on my wife and I appreciate you for the remarkable change you made in my marriage,I say a very big thank you,I'm truly grateful. I'm still astonished at how things turned around within a short period of time and I must say you've got great fans, such wonderful people who played a good role on this issue from the onset, may God bless them and meet all their heart desires.
Our sex life has improved tremendously, I can categorically say that the number of times we've made love for the past one month since you intervened in our marriage is more than the number of times we've made love for the past six and half years of our marriage Read: How to Give Him Mind Blowing Sex!
Whenever I have erection there is no more no in her dictionary, instead she comes on top of me and gives me a good ride, this was someone who usually will run off the room at the sight of my erection, now she doesn't. Even when I don't have erection she comes to me in her sexy lingerie and ask me to make love to her, that was amazingly shocking considering that she has never asked me to make love to her before in the past. She has been so cooperative during foreplay, she no longer stiffen up, she let me give her heads whenever I want to,she just leaves me stunned these days, sometimes I ask myself 'is this my baby or someone else' , I'm really happy at this awesome change in our sex life, I owe it all to you madam, you are a genius.
My Jewel has been simply amazing, don't get me wrong she has always been an amazing woman with or without sex, she's got the kindest of hearts I know, she puts the kids and I first as her priority before herself, she's a good home keeper, a great cook, industrious and intelligent, no matter how bad things gets sometimes financially she never nags instead she encourages me and prays more, eventually things always turn out for the best with her prayers, she's what you'll call true beauty but she never let that get into her head, she's beautiful in and out, above all she's my pillar of strength and backbone. These were the reasons why it was difficult for me to cheat on her during the years of little or no sex, these good qualities of hers supersedes her little flaws, I just couldn't bring myself to sleep with another woman even when I got a good number of girls at the tip of my fingers ready to give me the sexual satisfaction my wife couldn't give, her good attributes where constantly ringing in my head, this was why I happily endured the sex starvation, coupled with the fact that God was also by my side to help me resist the temptations. I know that when a man goes down that road of cheating it's very difficult to turn back and that most certainly can ruin a beautiful home, I love my wife and kids way too much to want to go down that road. I really don't know if I'm making sense, but those men out there who has great women like mine can relate, these kind of women are difficult to cheat on no matter how hard you try, unless the man has no conscience. Most men will say it's impossible not to cheat giving the situation I was in, I would say it's doable if the woman you're doing it for is worth it, in my case my darling wife was totally worth it, I can go a life time without cheating on her even with minimal sex, she's a great woman, this was why I strive to make her happy all the time, her happiness is my priority. Same reasons why I cared less about the circumstances surrounding her birth and the issues she had with her dad, because when you love someone you love all of them, you got to love everything about them, the things you find lovable and the things you don't find lovable. She thinks she's lucky to have me, I'm actually the lucky one, I'm blessed to have her in my life, she makes me complete, I love her greatly and can do just about anything to put a smile on that pretty face of hers, I'm addicted to her.

Madam I have a little concern regards orgasm, my wife does experience good orgasm but seldom, I mean I give her good foreplay and good sex but still she hardly reach orgasm only on few occasions. Is it that there are categories of women who reach orgasm easily and others who hardly reach orgasm? I really want her to experience maximum sexual satisfaction all the time and to achieve that will mean her having regular and good orgasm. What can I do to make her experience frequent orgasm?

I want to thank you again for being a blessing to my marriage, this is truly your calling to give healing to marriages, relationships and lives in general, I can say that you are good at what you do because you've proved that with the transformation you made on my darling wife, you are a rare gem. Remain blessed

I return all glory to God and I take nothing out of that. It's only but a rare privilege to be of help and support your marriage. I thank God for your wife and you in particular because you have a rare personality and heart which many individuals don't have. You have a good conscience filled with the Holy spirit and it's evident in your testimonies and in your marriage. It takes a man who have experienced God to be patient, to persevere and to stand in the gap for his wife even when he had the opportunity to cheat. 
I encourage you to stand on the foundation of God's word and never forget where God is taking you to in life. Enjoy the wife of your youth and celebrate her with a quality and explosive sexual intimacy, both of you deserves nothing less. 

It's a great thing to desire that your wife enjoy sex just as you do. Unlike men, women are a bit complex when it comes to sex and orgasm but one thing that will greatly help you and your wife is not to focus on giving her orgasm but in enjoying sex with her. 
Orgasm is like the icing on the cake but without it, the cake will still be cake so let your desire be to let her enjoy sex as much as you enjoy her too. 
Wake her mind with lovely messages, erotic messages, calls and gifts. You may surprise her by buying her panties or bra or lingerie, get her favourite colour. You may think of getting her a romantic gifts that she loves or something so casual that she loves, it may be biscuits or chocolates. Thoughtful gifts open the heart of a woman to give her all to you in the bedroom as a way to say thank you for your thoughtful gifts for her. 
Foreplay is essential and while you romance her body and caress her erotic zones, tell her how you feel, something like your vagina is so beautiful and I so much love the way your nipple caress my lips, remind her of how beautiful she is and those qualities that leaves you always thanking God for bringing you to your life. 
This will help her to relax, and also release enough fluids for penetrative sex. 
The beauty of a woman's vagina is that she can experience multiple orgasm at the same time. She can experience the clitoris orgasm, the g-spot orgasm and the vagina orgasm all at the same time if you understand how to get her yearning for more of your loving touch. 
Now you have discovered the clitoris and you can tell how she enjoys it whenever you stimulate her with love and gratitude, her g-spot is a little inside her vagina, to stimulate the g-spot, you can wash your fingers and cut off your nails to avoid hurting her before inserting one or two fingers inside her vagina when she's aroused. When you do that, try to signal come here using your finger, you will be feeling a spongy tissue inside of her, that's the g-spot, do not be hard on it but just like the clitoris be gentle and stimulate her while you watch her reactions to it, I bet that she will enjoy it. 
You can also stimulate her vagina lips, simply use your finger and try to circle around her vagina as though your finger is the seconds hand of the clock while you make a rhythmic movement around her vagina. 
Now these three sensitive spots can be stimulated at the same time during penetrative sex by adopting the positions that will allow your penis to stimulate her clitoris, g-spot and her vagina at the same time and if she's enjoying the sex, you can be sure that she'll orgasm in no distant time. 
Positions like the doggy style will give you the vantage to stimulate her g-spot, clitoris and her vagina at the same time. This both of you can achieve by her kneeling with her knees and bending forward so that her buttocks will be lifted and you can enter from her back while you stimulate her breast or clitoris as you desire. 
Missionary position is also not a bad one but you have to place a pillow in her buttocks to elevate her buttocks and allow for deeper penetration. 
She can also lie on her face and place the pillow in her lower abdomen so that you can enter from her back and give her greater sexual fulfilment. 
You can also raise one of her legs up in a missionary position and then thrust in a particular angle so that you can stimulate the g-spot and the clitoris. 
A woman on top or reverse cow girl position is also a great one because she can be in charge and at the same time stimulate her g - spot as she decides the depth of penetration while you stimulate her clitoris and nipples with your fingers and any other positions that she enjoys too. 
To avoid some distractions, let her urinate before sexual intimacy so that you don't stop in the middle of her pleasure because of her worries. When some women are reaching orgasm, they may not be so comfortable to open up their body because they feel that they will mess up the bed, some feel that they want to urinate at that point. So if your wife feels that way, encourage her to urinate on you and allow you to clean the mess, the idea is to help her be calm and relaxed as she orgasm.
When she's reaching the peak of her sexual satisfaction, her breathing pattern may be faster and resonate with the vibration of her clitoris and you will notice the cervical contractions as though she want to lock in your penis, that's exactly the moment of her orgasm and whatever happens then is what exactly orgasm feels like. 
Sometimes the expectations of achieving sexual orgasm can make your sexual intimacy to become a disaster because pressure and tension is not good for couples during sex. Your sex room is the largest room for improvement and it's the only room where you keep exploring an discovering the uniqueness of your partner without being under pressure to impress anyone. 
Even if both of you don't achieve orgasm today, there's always another time to enjoy sex with her and with your understanding and patience and mutual appreciation of each other, both of you will give each other great orgasm as your heart desires. 
There's is no need to be worried or afraid, she's in a perfect hands and I know that with time and constant explosive sexual intimacy, she may even give you more than an orgasm but will also add a juice for your satisfaction.


  1. Let her get tiger nuts dates n coconut.soak d tiger nuts a day before to soften it. Blend d 3 together sieve n me she will b screaming downd whole house

  2. I want to really thank madam Amara on a job well done on this issue, you are really a God sent to most families. In addition to what madam Amara have said, please Mr. poster don't put yourself under pressure on how your wife will reach orgasm, just keep on enjoying the beauty of sex in your marriage. But first of all find out from your wife whether she was circumcised or not, if she is circumcised , then you need to be more patience with her because it is not easy for a circumcised woman to reach orgasm on time. focus more on foreplay and let her take control of the bedroom because circumcised women come mostly when they take charge, i.e woman on top.

  3. May God continue to bless your home ,Aunty Amara you are the best

  4. So so detailed. All the questions of orgasm is answered here now. No more issues. i hope everyone understands it the way i did. God bless u Amara!!!

  5. i just wanted to ask the first anonymous that commentated about Tiger nuts. please is the research 100% confirmed and also must it be the dry tiger nuts?. u know some of them are sold as not dried and fresh. Thanks...

  6. Aunty Amara, u are a great gift from God. Chukwu gozierem gi

  7. Read dis book modern marriage and watch 21st century girls sex guild with your wife to handle you well too, is on youtube and it has so many seasons,


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